Y3 Les Herissons’ Writing

Les Herissons (and all of Year 3) have loved learning about the Ancient Egyptians.
Look at these amazing non-chronological reports they have produced in writing!
They have so much knowledge and we are all so proud of them.

Year 6 Careers Fair

Yesterday we welcomed visitors from a range of companies to help host our annual careers fair. Year 6 pupils got to find out about careers in technology, engineering, environmental sciences, media, firefighting and town planning. Thank you so much to everyone who gave up their time to help our pupils find out more about future career options.

Year 2 Art – Printing

Year 2 finished their textiles artwork this week by using their handmade relief blocks to print repeating patterns on to their dip dyed fabric. They used their concentration skills and created some fantastic final pieces.

Performance Club

The upper KS2 performance club treated staff and parents to a live performance after school today.

They showcased their hard work from this half term, presenting the song ‘a little circus’.

Their singing and choreography was amazing! We are very proud of their efforts.

Thank you to Miss Graham for using her talents to inspire our mini actors/actresses!

Year 2 Art – Dip Dye

Year 2 have had a very exciting afternoon dip dyeing their fabric ready for printing on to next week. The children carefully attached pegs to their fabric and then chose three colours to dip into. They showed excellent concentration skills and have created some lovely patterns on their dyed fabric.

Bike and Scooter Safety

This week we have been thinking about how to use the bikes and scooters safely. We talked about the importance of always wearing a helmet to protect our head and to look where we are going. The children decided to use sand timers to help them to share the bikes and scooters so that everyone could have a turn.

Year 3 Science

Today we looked at what our bodies need in order to survive. As part of this, we looked at the Eatwell plate and grouped foods into the correct groups.

We learnt that animals, including humans, need the right types and amount of nutrition and that they cannot make their own food; they get nutrition from what they eat.

Year 6 New Arrivals

This week, Year 6 have acquired some new members- two baby guinea pigs, who have been named Stormy and Hazel. The children are very excited about having class pets and the opportunity to look after the fur babies at the weekends. Look out for a letter providing more information about the new arrivals.