Year 6 Learn about the general election

In Year 6 today we have been learning about the 2019 General Election. We spent some time looking at the manifestos of different parties and then have applied our measuring skills to build our own rosettes to wear when we visit our own polling station here at school on Thursday. We had to measure out the size of the ribbons for our rosettes and also used a compass to accurately draw a circle to match a given criteria (a certain diameter). 

Maths in Year 5

Year 5 have enjoyed applying their learning with expanded multiplication and short division to written calculations this week, and have successfully investigated real world problems such as the price of grocery items. We have also begun to work with non-chronological reports in our English lessons, and have all taken on different responsibilities (manage, recorder, reporter, encourager) to collate key information from our model texts. We have just begun the autumn test cycle, so look forward to showing off what he have learned!

Learning the column method

In Maths this year we have been revising place value and using base 10 to look at how many tens and ones in a number. After this, our teachers have taught us how to add and subtract using the column method. It’s been tricky but with determination, we’ve been able to succeed!

Year 1 Maths

In Maths the year 1 children have been working hard to begin to add up to 20 using various strategies. They have also had a go at problem solving through talk, our lesson involved describing or asking questions about a teddy bear for their partner to guess.