Year 6 Art

Year 6 have created some wonderful collages inspired by the work of Gustav Klimt. His work included lots of symbolism and used a wide variety of subjects including people and landscapes. Klimt’s paintings also incorporated gold leaf and were very intricate. Year 6 chose elements from a range of Klimt’s work to incorporate into their own design. They then chose different materials and textures to layer onto their collages in colours typical to his style.

We have been very impressed with children’s creativity and concentration throughout the project!

Year 3 Art

Year 3 enjoyed decorating their papier mache bowls inspired by Yayoi Kusama today. They used polka dots and thought carefully about colour schemes.

They are excited to reveal their final designs in their show and share assembly next week!

Year 3 Art

Year 3 had a brilliant time exploring Yayoi Kusama today.

They created their own art inspired by her.

Outdoor Art y5

Last week in year 5, we started to learn about cityscapes and landscapes. We started by learning about two artists: Vanessa Gardiner and Phil Dean, the Shoreditch sketcher. This week, we were inspired by their work to go outside and create our own multi-media cityscapes of Queen’s Hill.

Mayan Prints in Year 6

This week in Art, Year 6 created brilliant Mayan prints. Inspired by the geometric shapes and repeating patterns used by the Maya people, children first made cardboard tiles and glued on their designs using string. They then painted the string on the tile and pressed down onto their piece of paper using a variety of colours. We were impressed by their creativity and concentration during this process!

Year 2 – Fabric Printing

This week Year 2 finished their dip dye unit by printing onto their dyed fabric using the printing blocks they made earlier in the unit. They chose one colour of paint and carefully printed a repeating pattern on to their fabric. They did an amazing job!

Year 2 – Art

This week Year 2 have started their next Art unit. First, they made their own printing blocks and practised printing with them to make repeated patterns. Next, they dip dyed fabric to create a multicoloured surface ready to print on to next week. They have done a brilliant job so far and we can’t wait to see the finished project.

School Council Christmas Bauble Project

Back in November, the School Council decided to buy every child a clear bauble to design and decorate ready for Christmas. Each year group chose their own designs and have been busy over the last few weeks creating them.

In Year 1, children filled their baubles with Christmas sequins and they decorated the outside.

In Year 2, children turned their baubles into reindeer and used them to decorate the Christmas trees in their classrooms!

In Year 3, the children turned their baubles into snow globes, complete with snowmen inside.

In Year 4, the children used lots of glitter and glue to decorate the outside of their baubles.

In Year 5, they used tissue paper and glue to create a textured bauble which they filled with yummy treats!

And finally, in Year 6, the children filled the inside of the baubles with glitter, then used white pen to create patters on the outside.

We think they all look amazing! A great big thank you to the School Council for organising this for everyone.

Year 4 Christmas Art

This week, Year 4 have enjoyed getting into the Christmas spirit by creating their own Northern Lights artwork.

They used chalks to create the colourful light display in the sky and the snow beneath.

Then, they used black paint to add the silhouette of trees, thinking carefully about size and proportion.

Finally, they added splashes of white paint to create the effect of snow.

We think they all look stunning!

Year 4 Roman Catapults

This week, Year 4 have been learning about the history of the catapult and have made their own version of Roman style catapults.

They used their measuring skills to measure the wood accurately, then used junior hacksaws to cut the wood to the correct lengths. Next, they used hot glue guns to join all of their pieces together, complete with elastic bands to create the tension.

Each class then had an opportunity to try out their catapults against mini figurines. A great time was had by all!

We are so proud of all the teamwork and grit and determination that was shown throughout the week.