Year 2 Art – Printing

Year 2 finished their textiles artwork this week by using their handmade relief blocks to print repeating patterns on to their dip dyed fabric. They used their concentration skills and created some fantastic final pieces.

Year 2 Art – Dip Dye

Year 2 have had a very exciting afternoon dip dyeing their fabric ready for printing on to next week. The children carefully attached pegs to their fabric and then chose three colours to dip into. They showed excellent concentration skills and have created some lovely patterns on their dyed fabric.

Reception – Self Portraits

Each term the children in Reception draw a self portrait and sign it off with their name. We have been so impressed with how much they have improved since the beginning of the year in both their drawing and their writing. We also use this as an opportunity to discuss our similarities and differences. We look in the mirror as we draw, paying close attention to what we can see.

Year 4 Iron Man Poetry and Art

Year 4 have started the new term to an incredible beginning. We began the week by exploring our focus for this half term, The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. In Writing, we have discovered figurative language such as alliteration, similes, metaphors and onomatopoeia. We have found examples of this in The Iron Man and created our own examples to write short poems about the Iron Man.

In Art, we explored sketching techniques and practiced hatching, contour hatching, cross hatching and smudging. Our final piece, is a chalk drawing of The Iron Man. See some examples of our work below!

Y5 Art

We created artwork inspired by Chris Ofili’s ‘Paradise by Night’ painting. We used popcorn kernels, rice, split peas and different painting techniques to incorporate texture into our work.

Year 4 Roman Catapults

Last week, year 4 made Roman catapults. We worked hard in our talk partner pairs and learned lots of new skills including using a junior hacksaw and hot glue guns safely. When they were complete we tried them out!

Year 1 Anti-Bullying Day

It was Anti-Bullying Day in school. In year 1 we read a story called Mixed by Aree Chung. It inspired us to create our own art around the story. We drew our own cities and used finger paint to create the people. The children loved mixing the paint to create as many different colours as they could for their towns. They then turned these finger prints into people.

We also had a circle time about what makes a good friend. We shared our own ideas with each other about the things we can do to be a good friend.

Y5 – Anti Bullying Curriculum Day

We had a wonderful day working together in our year group and also meeting up with our Y2 ‘Buddy Classes’. As a year group we looked at what the word ‘bullying’ means and acted through scenarios so that we could better understand how bullying can effect our mental-wellbeing.

We read the story ‘Emmanuel’s Dream,’ which is a true story about the boy Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah. The children wrote a letter to Emmanuel explaining how he has inspired them and what they will do to make others with physical disabilities feel accepted. 

In the afternoon, we met up with our buddy classes and made our very own sock puppets. The children were incredibly creative and loved adding on the sequin and glitter details.