Y5 – Anti Bullying Curriculum Day

We had a wonderful day working together in our year group and also meeting up with our Y2 ‘Buddy Classes’. As a year group we looked at what the word ‘bullying’ means and acted through scenarios so that we could better understand how bullying can effect our mental-wellbeing.

We read the story ‘Emmanuel’s Dream,’ which is a true story about the boy Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah. The children wrote a letter to Emmanuel explaining how he has inspired them and what they will do to make others with physical disabilities feel accepted. 

In the afternoon, we met up with our buddy classes and made our very own sock puppets. The children were incredibly creative and loved adding on the sequin and glitter details.

Y5 – Maths in Space

We were lucky to attend an event run by Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form, to show children how fun and exciting maths can be! The children were engaged in the activities on offer: an origami masterclass, alien times table games, maths challenges, life-sized space battleships, and talks on planets, rocketships and astronauts by experts in each field. Children were also gifted a goody bag filled with stationary, bookmarks and additional activity booklets to continue the maths fun at home. 

Y5 – Visitor

Y5 are currently exploring the enquiry question ‘How has belief in Christianity and Islam impacted on music and art through history?’ To help launch our enquiry Y5 had a visit from Reverend Laura Montgomery, who spoke to the children about Christian art and music. They discussed the importance of religious art and music and how it has changed over history.

Reverend Laura Montgomery shocked the children by playing them music they were familiar with but had not originally made the link back to Christianity.

Year 5 – Author Visit

On Wednesday, some children in Year 5 enjoyed a visit to the bookshop ‘Bookbugs and Dragon Tales’ for an author visit. We learnt about the process of making a book from the first draft through to the final published copy. We explored a book called, ‘The Five Peppers’ which was written over 100 years ago about a family with 5 children called ‘The Peppers’. We are looking forward to reading the book in school. We also got to design our own front covers and choose some books for our class libraries. 

Year 6 Romeo and Juliet drama workshop!

Year 6 were fully immersed in the world of Shakespeare during their drama workshop with our expert visitor!

Children took part in a series of warm-up activities – including becoming Madame Tussauds waxwork models and terrifying monsters! They then developed Romeo and Juliet freeze frames in groups and asked each other insightful questions surrounding these still images.

Next, they used these skills as a way into both exploring the text and language whilst also considering how the Prologue and Act 1 Scene 1 are ‘delivered’.

Everyone was so enthusiastic and engaged – it was wonderful to see. We are very much looking forward to seeing how children get on with their newspaper reports this week. They will be reporting on the civil disturbance caused by the two warring households – the Montagues and the Capulets – causing bloodshed and pandemonium amongst fair Verona’s streets!

Year 6 Historians

As part of The City of Norwich Aviation Museum’s outreach, Year 6 were able to explore World War Two primary and secondary sources by handling some interesting artefacts today!

When you do research, you gather information from a variety of resources. These can be defined as primary and secondary sources.

Primary sources give you direct access to the subject that you’re researching or learning about. They can provide you with a first-hand account of an event or time-period, represent original thinking and give you new information.

Secondary sources provide second-hand information and often offer explanations for primary sources. They analyse, interpret and restate information from primary sources.

Children looked at gas masks, a warden’s steel helmet and even a German incendiary bomb!