Religious Education

Children need the opportunity to discuss challenging questions about the meaning and purpose of life, beliefs, the self, issues of right and wrong and what it is to be human. DfE 2010

Religious Education is perhaps one subject which asks more questions than it answers, at Queen’s Hill Primary and Nursery School, children engage in an enquiry approach, developing the skills of presenting a reasoned argument, reflection and expression of belief. We welcome and celebrate the diversity found within our school community and are sensitive to the background and beliefs of each of our children. We will provide opportunities for children to articulate their own beliefs, ideas, values and experiences whilst respecting the rights of others to differ.

At Queen’s Hill Primary and Nursery School, we aim to provide children with a safe and open environment in which they feel supported to consider life’s big questions. Our objective is for children to feel secure enough to contemplate the complexities of life, in order that they can begin to make sense of what they themselves believe and start to develop their identity both as individuals and as global citizens. Children will learn to appraise the value of differing sources of information, to express their insights in response to these and to agree or disagree respectfully, promoting a culture of tolerance and understanding.

The Religious Studies curriculum at Queen’s Hill Primary and Nursery School will promote the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our children. Our curriculum will also prepare our pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life. Children will be able to make sense of religion and worldviews around them and begin to understand the complex world in which they live, while making academically informed judgements about important matters of religion and belief.

Through following the Norfolk Agreed Syllabus, children will:

  • Know and understand a range of religious and non-religious worldviews by learning to see these through theological, philosophical and human/social science perspectives.
  • Express ideas and insights about the nature, significance and impact of religious and non-religious worldviews through a multi-disciplinary approach.
  • Gain and deploy skills rooted in theology, philosophy and the human/social sciences to engage critically with religious and non-religious worldviews.

Subject in Action


Investigations and Market Research!

Year 6 have had a busy start to the week! In Maths, children have put their problem solving skills to the test, working on a tricky investigation collaboratively. They have also been learning about Islamic patterns and the geometric shapes found in mosques, linking their learning to RE. In DT, children carried out Market Research … Read more


Religious Education

We have been learning about different symbols in RE. We have thought about what the symbol of the cross means to Christians. We made stained glass windows to help us explore this.


Creation and Science

Creation and Science: Conflicting or Complementary? Year 6 have been exploring this ‘Big Question’ in RE and have had some very insightful and mature conversations in response to it. Children have discussed the Christian story of creation in Genesis as well as The Big Bang and Evolution theories and thought critically about how the two … Read more


Y4 Cathedral and Mosque Trip

This week, Year 4 visited Norwich Cathedral where they learnt about some important features of Christianity and the building of the Cathedral.  We also visited the mosque on Rose Lane where they learnt about the Five Pillars of Islam. The children asked many thoughtful questions about Muslim beliefs.  In addition to this, we spent time with Edith … Read more


Year 1 celebrate pancake day

Today, our Year 1 pupils learnt more about the reasons behind shrove Tuesday and the start of lent. They designed their own pancakes, before getting to try them out in class!


Year 1-Meerkat Mail

This week we started to read the book Meerkat Mail. We met Sunny the Meerkat who lives in the Kalahari desert. The children found out about meerkats, where they live, what they eat and how they survive in the desert. We also received a post card from Sunny. Sunny told them about his habitat and … Read more

Year 3 cathedral visit

Year 3 Cathedral Trip

Year 3 went to the cathedral today for an advent/nativity experience. We learnt all about Isaiah, Mary, Joseph, shepherds and the kings. The children were safe, ready and respectful and enjoyed dressing up, doing craft and seeing different items.


Y5 – Visitor

Y5 are currently exploring the enquiry question ‘How has belief in Christianity and Islam impacted on music and art through history?’ To help launch our enquiry Y5 had a visit from Reverend Laura Montgomery, who spoke to the children about Christian art and music. They discussed the importance of religious art and music and how … Read more


Year 2 – RE

Year 2 have been learning about why light is an important symbol in Judaism. We have learnt about the Maccabees, the festival of Hanukkah and about the importance of the candles on a menorah.