Queen's Hill’s vision for science is to equip children with a range of skills and knowledge that will enable them to ask scientifically accurate questions and carry out scientific enquiries in order to learn about our world and how it is changing. Children’s scientific knowledge and skills are built upon each year as they reflect on past topics and key concepts learnt. We feel that it is important that children explore key content from the three disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics and build confidence in applying their skills to conduct scientific experiments. Children will also develop a wide scientific vocabulary that they will be able to apply when discussing new concepts.

At Queen’s Hill, we have developed an exciting curriculum, whereby children are fully immersed in their learning. Children learn to design and conduct practical experiments and evaluate outcomes in order to enable them to ask questions and to find answers. We have an outdoor classroom that all year groups enjoy, and we offer the children the opportunity to use a range of high-quality scientific equipment. In a world that is facing some considerable environmental challenges, we hope at Queen’s Hill we can plant the seed that inspires the next generation of scientists.

We use PLAN primary science resources to support the planning and delivery of our science curriculum

Subject in Action


Autumn is coming!

This week we have been finding out about the changes we will see as we move into the next season. We know that Autumn is the next. We have been looking out for some of the changes that occur at this time of year and spotting the signs of Autumn. On Thursday we will be … Read more


Year 3 Science

Year 3 dissected flowers today to see the different parts. They then made and labeled their own versions and explored the role of each part.


Y4 Litter Pickers

This week in Year 4, we took to the streets of Queen’s Hill on a mission to clean it up! We have started a project this half term, learning about the changes that have happened in the local area in our Geography lessons. We have also linked this to our Science learning this half term, … Read more


Y5 Curriculum Day – Earth Day

Today Y5 celebrated Earth Day. We were tasked to look at the issue of ‘littering’ and how this impacted on the Earth. We decided to go on a litter pick around the school grounds. Due to the amount of litter found the children felt compelled to do more so they decided to write letters to … Read more


Y4 Science – Volume and Pitch

Year 4 have continued their investigations into sound and pitch this week! Today, we experimented with different balls to investigate the impact that size and shape would have on the pitch and volume created by the balls.


Y4 Science – Pitch

This week, Year 4 have been learning about pitch, as part of our ‘Sound’ topic this half term. We investigated using different instruments including homemade ones.


Planning an investigation

This week, Year 6 have started planning a scientific investigation to discover how variations in electrical components change how circuits function. Children started to consider how the flow of electricity is impacted when it is distributed between more components, such as the number of bulbs. They looked at a concept cartoon to start their discussions. … Read more


Y5 Earth and Space

Y5 have started their new Science topic. We have been learning about the planets in our solar system and how theories around the shape of the Earth and the way in which it orbits has changed over time. Excitingly, we also created our very own representation of our solar system using different sized balls and … Read more


F1 Jaguar Club

The three teams have been working each week after school preparing for the F1 Jaguar reginal finals. The children had to design, make, assemble, test and race their cars at the reginal heats. They also had to prepare a presentation about their work. In order to gain sponsorship the children wrote to local businesses and … Read more