Queen's Hill’s Vision for history is to equip children with a range of skills and knowledge that will enable them to ask historically accurate questions, carry out historical enquiries and learn from the past in a way that heightens their understanding of both the present and the future. Through analysis of evidence, detailed understanding of significant events and people of the past and exploration through interactive curriculum days and school trips, children will take away a broad and balanced knowledge of a range of historical topics. This creates a strong foundation of analytical skills, understanding of different perspectives and a passion for discovering new knowledge about the past. We feel that it is important to learn about the experiences and achievements of a breadth of historical figures and strive to empower children with the knowledge of diverse historical individuals and events.

At Queen’s Hill we ensure that current learning is linked to both prior and future historical knowledge. This allows children to build a coherent timeline of key historical events and allows knowledge to be deeply embedded. We focus on drawing comparisons between past and modern life in order to promote understanding of how history impacts the way we live our lives today. This will allow children to reflect on present time and how events today will impact our future. Through analysing different perspectives of past events, children are able to view others with understanding and compassion. At Queen’s Hill, we ensure that all children engage in history through active learning such as role play, handling and analysing evidence and immersive experiences. As such, all children leave Queen’s Hill Primary School with a strong foundation of knowledge for historical enquiry and a desire to continue to ask questions about the past as historians.

Subject in Action


Y4 Litter Pickers

This week in Year 4, we took to the streets of Queen’s Hill on a mission to clean it up! We have started a project this half term, learning about the changes that have happened in the local area in our Geography lessons. We have also linked this to our Science learning this half term, … Read more


Year 3 Stone Age Houses

Look at our amazing Stone Age houses!


Y4 West Stow Trip

Year 4 became archaeologists for the day and used their skills as Historians to investigate the lives and homes of Anglo-Saxons at West Stow.


Year 3 History Trip Day 2

The other half of Year 3 have had a brilliant day at Norwich Castle today! They showed all 3 school rules, ready, safe and respectful and asked some brilliant questions. What a great way to end our amazing Ancient Egyptian topic!


F1 Jaguar Club

The three teams have been working each week after school preparing for the F1 Jaguar reginal finals. The children had to design, make, assemble, test and race their cars at the reginal heats. They also had to prepare a presentation about their work. In order to gain sponsorship the children wrote to local businesses and … Read more


Year 3 History Trip

We had an amazing day at Norwich Castle learning and consolidating our knowledge about Ancient Egypt. We got to look at what life was like in Egypt, explore real artefacts, look at a sarcophagus, create Egyptian jewellery and think about the question ‘should artefacts remain in the tombs or be taken out to study?’ Well … Read more


Year 3 History

Year 3 enjoyed recapping their learning about Ancient Egypt ahead of their trip to Norwich Castle this week. They created their own cartouches out of clay and used hieroglyphics to decorate and write their names.


Year 2 – Amy Johnson Biography Podcast

After learning all about famous aviators in History, Year 2 wrote biographies all about Amy Johnson. They then used their biographies to record a podcast. Have a listen below!


Year 2 Duxford Trip

Year 2 had a fantastic time at Duxford Museum on Friday. They enjoyed seeing all of the planes including a replica of Amy Johnson’s plane Jason. The children were also very excited that they got to go inside the Concorde aeroplane.