Whole School Curriculum Overview

Queen’s Hill - We share a passion for learning

At Queen’s Hill Primary School, we aim to provide a rich, inclusive and creative curriculum which empowers our children to become confident, reflective and curious learners.

Our curriculum, underpinned by our eight crowns, is organised to provide our children with the skills and knowledge to achieve success in life, building on prior learning and experiences.

We believe in a broad and balanced curriculum, where all subjects are valued. Reading, writing and maths are mainly taught discretely, with outcomes and experiences linked to topics and our key texts where appropriate.

Reading is given a high priority across the curriculum, as we believe this allows our children to unlock a deeper knowledge of their topics, strengthen their understanding and build life-long learning skills.

We recognise the importance of oracy and vocabulary; the deliberate teaching of rich vocabulary ensures that our children are able to express their knowledge and understanding of their learning in a precise and considered manner. Foundation subjects are grouped around themes, where appropriate, to ensure our children have the opportunity to create learning links and embed a knowledge-rich understanding of a broad range of topics and concepts. Through our curriculum, we celebrate the uniqueness of our locality and our diverse community.

It is the entitlement of every child at Queen’s Hill Primary School to be given an education that builds on their strengths, addresses their individual needs and ensures progression. Teachers use a range of assessment techniques to inform their planning, ensuring that children recognise and celebrate their achievements and know their next steps. Pupils with additional needs are well-supported in school with extra support and resources deployed where necessary to help close individual learning gaps.

Our wider curriculum across school is enhanced and supported by: 

  • A formal timetabled programme of lessons which are based on the National Curriculum;
  • A creative learning and teaching environment to support and challenge individual learning;
  • Specialist curriculum days or weeks
  • Specialist teachers in sport, languages and music
  • Topic engage days and experiences
  • Outdoor learning environment and local community use;

We aim to provide our pupils with the cultural capital they need to be active members of society. We do this through: 

  • Extra-curricular activities such as drama productions, music and instrumental lessons, sports opportunities, additional outdoor learning opportunities
  • Inviting members of our local community into school to share industry expertise, raise aspirations and foster community links;
  • Weekly assemblies which highlight key national, international and religious events;
  • Developing leadership skills through initiatives such as School Ambassadors, Sports Ambassadors, School council reps and our Happiness Heroes.

Information about our learning is shared with parents and carers through: 

  • Monthly school newsletters;
  • ½ termly Year group curriculum information letters;
  • Annual year group information meetings;
  • Year Group pages on our school website;
  • Class assemblies;
  • Invitations to exhibitions, workshops and displays in school;
  • The school twitter and Facebook accounts

If you would like to know more about our curriculum please contact our Assistant Headteacher responsible for curriculum development at: