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  • Nursery newsletter 16/09/22

  • Nursery News 10/06/22

    Please find below the latest nursery news and some documents to support name writing at home.

  • Nursery: Each peach pear plum

    This week, we have read the story Each Peach Pear Plum. We learned about the queen and about the platinum jubilee. We enjoyed playing in the castle role play area and creating our own castles. We have also been mixing colours.

  • Nursery: The Gingerbread Man

    This week, we have been looking at the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man’. We explored loose parts to create a gingerbread man. We also played some gingerbread man themed maths games and explored magnets and hooks on the cranes/lorries to carry a load.

  • Nursery: Little Red Riding Hood

    Last week, we continued to focus on the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. We discovered paw prints in our classroom and thought they might belong to the big, bad wolf. We created wanted posters to find the wolf and made traps. The children enjoyed sticking their posters up around the classroom for others to see.

  • Nursery Newsletter 9/05/22

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  • Nursery newsletter 29/4/22

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  • Nursery: Little Red Riding Hood

    This week, we have enjoyed looking at the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. We made baskets, explored red paint and looked for red objects outside. We have also started our RWI phonics and learnt how to say ‘m’ and ‘s’

  • Nursery: Supertato

    Last week, the children in nursery enjoyed the story ‘Supertato’. We made traps for the evil pea, created our own supertato and explored printing with vegetables.

  • Nursery newsletter 25/4/22

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  • Summer Half Term!

    Year One have worked so hard this half term… All of the staff are so proud of how amazing they have been settling back into school life and throwing themselves into their learning. We have been extremely lucky to be able to regularly visit the Outdoor Classroom, this has helped to inspire our learning and is something the children have really enjoyed.

    Les Abeilles: Trip to the Outdoor Classroom.
  • Year 3 Maths Fun

    We practised our addition with Miss Peek today. We first added to 10 and then challenged ourselves to 30. We had so much fun!

    Some of us worked with other teachers to complete problem solving activities too!

  • Year 3 Victorian Toys

    Year 3 had so much fun today creating jack-in-the-boxes. We showed creativity and grit and determination!

  • Roman Day in Year 4

    In Year 4, we started Week 3 with a Roman day, to introduce our new topic. The children and adults came to school dressed as Romans. We had Roman themed lessons all day, including making Roman shields, Roman numerals, gladiator top trumps cards and our own chariot race!

    Here are the children using their handmade Roman Shields to create the ‘tortoise’ formation, used by the Romans in battle. We even learned the Latin commands.

  • Helicopter seeds!

    Year 6 had great fun in their outdoor learning lesson testing out paper helicopter seed models!

  • 60’s Disco

    In Year 1 we have begun our new topic of old and new toys. We are focusing on what toys and life were like in the 1960’s. We had a disco to help us get a feel of the 60s. We had a great time dancing and listening to The Beatles on Mrs Carpenter’s record player. She even put on a groovy outfit too!

  • Year 2 Collaborative Art display

    This week year 2 have worked together to create a display inspired by the artist Anthony Frost who works in textiles with bold painted colours. We created words from the letters associated with our year group crown which was challenge.

    Can you see your letter anywhere?

  • Year 2 Outdoor Classroom

    This week in the on site outdoor classroom, year 2 did some plant cycle yoga and went on a seed treasure hunt with Miss Geschke our forest school leader. They had a great time (as you can see) and some of them even planned to bring home their seeds to plant!

  • Third time is a charm…

    It’s the end of week three and Year 6 has settled into their new routines. They have already achieved so much in a short space of time. We finished our Creative Arts Week in which we made from amazing rag rugs in a Make Do and Mend style. We have started learning about WW2 in History and English, where we are reading an all time favourite Goodnight Mister Tom.

    In Science, we have created glossary pages to aid us in our new Living Things and Their Habitats unit, and the classes played a spirited game of Guess Who but with a twist! We have finished this week with a thoughtful lesson on Peace and what that means to us individually and what it means to different religions around the globe. The children came up with brilliant ideas about how we can create peaceful spaces, maybe you’d like to try a few this weekend!

    Ideas of creating peaceful spaces and relationships: Walking in nature, listening/ singing to music, meditation, rocking out, snuggle up in some blankets with candles and a hot chocolate, drawing, kindness, taking deep breaths, and concentrating on the good things that bring us together.

  • Year 3 Maths- Adding 3 numbers

    We had fun playing games to help us add 3 numbers today. We all started with the mild challenge and moved up a level when we felt confident.

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