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  • Earthsong 2019

    At Queen’s Hill, we care about climate change. Here is our version of the Earthsong, organised and arranged by our school ambassadors thanks to Torquay Girls’ Grammar School. These children are encouraging everyone to sign the following petition:

  • Making Greek Shields

    Year 5 have greatly enjoyed creating their Ancient Greek ‘Hoplite’ shields this week, and are very proud that some of them have now gone on display! They are excited to start learning more about Ancient Greek civilizations and culture in the next few days…They have all worked hard on the latest aspect of the Respect Focus too – with many of them now becoming excellent at holding doors open for others.

  • RAF Visit Year 2

    Year 2 had an exciting day with visitors learning about the history of flight. They enjoyed creating, testing and altering their own planes!

  • A New Display

    Nursery and Reception children have been busy exploring different types of transport for the school topic ‘On The Move’ as they have been settling into school. We think you’ll agree their mark making looks fantastic! Make sure you check out the display outside Papillons Rouges.

  • ‘On The Move’ Curriculum Day

    Today at Queen’s Hill Primary School, pupils were treated to a day of transport-inspired activities to launch our new topic ‘On The Move’. Children got to have a go at fixing a car tyre, experience what it might be like to be on board an aircraft and found out more about train safety with a visitor from Network Rail.

  • Problem Solving in Maths

    This week we have been using our problem solving skills in Maths. We worked hard to think of different ways we could use 5 colours for 3 balloons. We have also been looking at comparing numbers and using vocabulary such as; more than, less than, greatest, least and as many as. 

  • First Week in Year 4

    In our first week in Year 4, we have been working hard to remember to show respect when others are talking. We remember to look at the person who is speaking and wait our turn to speak. We know not to interrupt and to respect each other’s opinions and contributions. 
    Also in year 4, we have begun learning a fun, new times table song to help us learn our 7x tables. 

    It is sung to the tune of Katy Perry’s, ‘Firework’ song and by learning the lyrics, we are also learning our 7 x table!

    Do you ever feel,
    To be completely frank,
    When you’re asked a sum,
    That your mind goes blank?
    Do you ever feel,
    That’s no way to think?
    Numbers going wild
    You can’t find the link
    Did you know that you
    Can make a lyric pay?
    Fire up your brain
    Ignite the light to lead the way
    There’s no need to blank
    And this song’s to thank
    It’s our 7 x table, yes, you are able to know,
    That 7 1s are 7
    Thank heaven I’ve seen
    That 7 2s are 14 yeah!
    That’s done!
    7 3s are 21
    And we’ve just begun!
    Baby you’re alight and wait
    You’re suddenly aware that 7 4s are 28
    Keep your brain a-alive
    7 times 5 is 35
    35 plus 7, I’ve got a clue
    I know that 7 6s are 42
    You think that this is hard
    Well I’m feeling fine
    7 times 7 is 49
    My quick fix,
    7 8s are clearly 56
    And this next one I will give for free
    Did you know that 7 9s are 63?
    Now we’ve reached the top,
    I will sing it slow,
    10 times 7 well…7-0-0-0
    Next one is a buzz
    I will go insane
    11 7s is 7 then 7 a-again!
    Baby live it up – yeah you want some more
    The last one in the list is 84
    Come on all the girls and all the boys
    Sing it with your heart and make some noise

  • First Week in Year One

    This week in Year one we have been revisiting our numbers from 0-10 and looking and the different ways numbers can be shown. We have been using tens frames to represent amounts and have challenged ourselves to add small amounts together. 

  • 12 ways to ask your child “So how was school today?” (Without asking “So how was school today?”)

    1. What was the best thing that happened at school today?
    2. Tell me something that made you laugh today.
    3. Who did you sit next to?
    4. If I asked your teacher, what would he/she tell me about you?
    5. How did you help someone today?
    6. When were you the happiest today?
    7. What song did you sing today?
    8. Tell me something good that happened today?
    9. What did you play outside?
    10. Who is the funniest person in your class? How is he/she funny?
    11. What was your favourite part of the day?
    12. What new word did you learn today?
  • Respectful Learning Community

    This half-term we are focusing as a whole school on ‘developing a respectful learning community’. In assembly yesterday, the children voted for the growth mindset crowns that they felt would be most relevant for this focus. The children chose challenge, teamwork, creativity and reflection! 

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