Head Teacher Mr Cross
Assistant Head Teacher Mrs Suffield Community Cohesion
Assistant Head Teacher Mrs James Behaviours for Learning  
Assistant Head Teacher Mr Hann Curriculum Development  
Early Years Foundation Stage 
EYFS Phase Leader Mrs Suffield (EYFS & Y1
Teacher Miss Keenan Les Chenilles Nursery
Teacher Mrs Marsh Les Papillons Rouges Reception
Teacher Miss Hardesty Les Papillons Bleus Reception
Teacher/Year Lead Miss Smart Les Papillons Verts Reception
HLTA Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistants Miss Smith, Miss Dugdale, Mrs Varvadecker, Miss Fielding, Miss Greenfield and Miss Sunderland
Key Stage One Phase Leader Mr Jones (2 & 3) 
Teacher/Year Lead Mr Ward Les Coccinelles Year 1
Teacher Mrs Carpenter/Mrs Suffield Les Sauterelles Year 1
Teacher Miss Harper Les Abeilles Year 1
Teacher Mr James Les Hirondelles Year 2
Teacher/Phase Lead Mr Jones Les Grenouilles Year 2
Teacher Miss Hunter Les Souris Year 2
HLTA Miss Penton and Miss Hewitt
Teaching Assistants Ms Cooke, Mr Honour, Mrs Harwood, Mr White, Mr Bailey, Miss Hayton and Mrs Atterbury
Key Stage Two Phase Leader  Mr Jones (2 & 3) & Mrs Pascoe (4, 5 & 6)
Teacher/Year Lead Miss Peek Les Herissons Year 3
Teacher Mrs Killow Les Taupes Year 3
Teacher Mrs Stevenson Les Canards Year 3
Teacher/Year Lead Miss Taylor Les Faisains Year 4
Teacher Miss Wakeman/Mr Hann Les Hiboux Year 4
Teacher Miss Earl Les Lapins Year 4
Teacher/Phase Lead Mrs Pascoe Les Ecureuils Year 5
Teacher Mrs Gee Les Blaireaux Year 5
Teacher Mrs White/Mr Clarke Les Loutres Year 5
Teacher Miss Kendrick Les Aigles d’Or Year 6
Teacher/Year Lead Miss Jordan Les Renards Year 6
Teacher Mrs Bowes-Mulligan/Miss Hicks Les Eperviers Year 6
HLTA Miss Osbourne, Mrs Brown and Ms Graham
Teaching Assistants Mr Fraser, Miss Chamberlain, Miss Harwood, Miss Forrest, Mr Hands, Mrs Kollar-Lazar and Miss Clemenson
Queen’s Hill Development Programme Mrs Howard
(EYFS and KS1)
 Mrs White
Inclusion Leaders

Miss Hicks (KS2)

Mrs James (EYFS & KS1)

Nurture Lead HLTA Mrs Eastaugh
Nurture TAs Mrs Castell
Librarian Mr Williamson
Librarian Mrs Maskell
Sports / PE Coach Mr Moon
EAL/Pupil Premium Miss Manuschka
Outdoor Learning Mrs Geschke
Parent Support Advisor Laura Baker
School Business Manager Miss Meakin
Secretary Miss Metcalf
Administrator Mrs Allen
Site Manager Mr Lee
Assistant Caretaker Mr Marrison

Mr Lee, Mrs Gedera, Mrs Brooks and Mr Moxon

Midday Supervisor Assistants
Miss Dugdale – Senior MSA Mrs Gedera Mrs Crisp
Mr Fraser Mr Honour Mrs Hussien
Miss Smith Mrs Beevor Ms Barker
Mrs Cusdin
School Dogs Rex Peppa