Art and Design Technology

At Queen’s Hill, we believe that the Art and Design curricular should stimulate creativity and fire children’s imaginations. In our school, we combine theory with practice to provide a rounded approach necessary for children to study Art and Design in depth in the future. We want to encourage our children to express themselves through art and inspire them to pursue creative career paths. Our curriculum is designed to develop children’s cultural capital and allow them to explore a variety of artists, techniques and media. We do this because British Values are very important to us and we aspire to expose children to artists from diverse backgrounds and celebrate their contributions to our cultural heritage.

We aim to provide children with a strong creative foundation in early years. Children are encouraged to be independent with their creations and take ownership for their work. We expose them to a wide range of materials and resources and encourage them to use them without limits. As the children move up to KS1 and KS2, they are given opportunities to work with different materials and techniques such as printmaking and sculpture. By the end of their primary education, we aspire for the children to be equipped with life-long skills and cherished memories of the art pieces and inventions they have created.

Subject in Action


Year 3 Jam Tarts!

Year 3 had a great afternoon sampling and tasting different jam tarts. They thought about the packaging, pastry and filling before giving it an overall rating. Next week, they are going to design and bake their very own!


Art in Year 6

Year 6 have been looking at the work of Patrick Caulfield this week, who was part of the ‘Pop Art’ movement with Peter Blake and David Hockney. They began by choosing and drawing an everyday object from different viewpoints and creating a linear aspect by adding black pen to their sketch. They then enlarged their … Read more


Year 3 Stone Age

Year 3 had fun creating these amazing Stone Age fact files this week. They were able to include pieces of work from writing, DT, art and history to produce a brilliant final piece. We are very proud of their efforts and the children enjoyed taking them home to share with their families.


Year 3 Cave Art

Year 3 explored different cave paintings and had a go at replicating some using chalk pastels this afternoon. Have a look at their creative designs!


Year 6 Art

Year 6 have created some wonderful collages inspired by the work of Gustav Klimt. His work included lots of symbolism and used a wide variety of subjects including people and landscapes. Klimt’s paintings also incorporated gold leaf and were very intricate. Year 6 chose elements from a range of Klimt’s work to incorporate into their … Read more


Year 3 Art

Year 3 enjoyed decorating their papier mache bowls inspired by Yayoi Kusama today. They used polka dots and thought carefully about colour schemes. They are excited to reveal their final designs in their show and share assembly next week!


Year 3 Art

Year 3 had a brilliant time exploring Yayoi Kusama today. They created their own art inspired by her.


Outdoor Art y5

Last week in year 5, we started to learn about cityscapes and landscapes. We started by learning about two artists: Vanessa Gardiner and Phil Dean, the Shoreditch sketcher. This week, we were inspired by their work to go outside and create our own multi-media cityscapes of Queen’s Hill.


Mayan Prints in Year 6

This week in Art, Year 6 created brilliant Mayan prints. Inspired by the geometric shapes and repeating patterns used by the Maya people, children first made cardboard tiles and glued on their designs using string. They then painted the string on the tile and pressed down onto their piece of paper using a variety of … Read more