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In Year 4 there are three classes. We start the morning with a ‘Daily Mile’ to get the children warmed up and ready for learning. The pupils’ timetable is structured for the morning into Spellings, following the RWI scheme; Maths, following the NCETM planning; and English, which is based on fiction and non-fiction texts linked to our topic themes. Reading Master lessons are based around a variety of genres where we encourage children to explore vocabulary, use inference, make predictions, explain, develop retrieval skills and summarise events. The wider curriculum subjects are taught through a whole school creative and connective approach.


To see more of the learning and activities we do in Year 4, see our Year 4 blog below.


Below are some information sheets for parents and carers outlining English and maths expectations for each year group.


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Year 4 Maths


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Year 4 Blog Posts


Roman Day in Year 4

In Year 4, we started Week 3 with a Roman day, to introduce our new topic. The children and adults came to school dressed as Romans. We had Roman themed lessons all day, including making Roman shields, Roman numerals, gladiator top trumps cards and our own chariot race! Here are the children using their handmade Roman Shields to create the 'tortoise' formation, used by the Romans in battle. We even learned the Latin commands.

Football Coaching

Some of the Year 3 and 4 children took part in a football session this afternoon. It was great to see their teamwork skills develop and their positive attitude towards helping and supporting each other.

Year 4 Measurement

100m stop In Week 2, Year 4 investigated measurement. In order to understand how many metres are in a kilometer, we took a walk around the estate. We recorded each time we had walked 100m and discovered 1,000m = 1 km. !)ml syringe We also investigated how many mls in 1 litre. We started by finding out that 10 lots of 10mls made 100ml, using a syringe. Then we found that 10 lots of 100ml made 1l.

Anglo-Saxons in Year 4

In Year 4, we kicked off the new half term with a trip! We went to West Stow, a reconstruction of an Anglo-Saxon village. We thoroughly enjoyed the day and learnt lots from experts in the field. When we returned to school, we used our experience to write a recount of the day. The Sunken HouseThe Meeting Hall

Year 4 Art Day Week Beginning 02/05/22

In Year 4 this week, we have had an Art day. We have been making printing blocks from cardboard and Styrofoam. We experimented with shapes and patterns, as well as different surfaces such as paper and fabric. We finished the day by creating collographs, which we are excited to use when they're dry. Here is some of our work.

First Aid in Year 4

This week, to link in with our English work on Shackleton's adventure to Antarctica, we have spent some time in the outdoor classroom learning about basic first aid. We have role played various situations, including asthma attacks, bleeding and calling for an ambulance! The key points we learnt were: To keep calm Check it's safe to helpAsk what happened and what hurtsSay kind, comforting thingsTake action if you canGet help (an adult or call 999)

Sharing stories with buddies

Before the Easter holidays, children in Year 4 spent a number of weeks writing their own legends based on Blue Frog: The Legend of Chocolate. They designed front covers for their stories and made them into mini books. Today, the children in Year 4 shared their stories with their Year 1 buddies!

Y4 Times Tables Cafe

It was lovely to see so many of you at the Times Table Cafe. If you were unable to attend please see below the presentation of the Year 4 Times Tables Information. Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check 2022 Download

RSHE in Year 4

This afternoon in Year 4, we have been thinking about the similarities and differences that we have with one another. As part of our lesson, we created a 'web of similarities' to discover all the things that connect us together. These included the types of families we have, our favourite pets and our hobbies. We enjoyed learning something new about our friends!

Writing in Year 4

This half term we have been writing our own legends based on The Blue Frog: The Legend of Chocolate. At the beginning of our unit of work, we started by identifying the features of legends and considering what we needed to be successful in our own writing. We have started writing the opening paragraphs to our legends, both as a class and independently. Since then, we have been thinking carefully about the writing process and how we can be like authors, editing, improving and redrafting our work. We look forward to sharing our finished legends with you!