Welcome to Year 2


Key Stage 1 is currently organised into three Year 1 and three Year 2 classes.  We follow a creative curriculum where maths and English skills are fed throughout our planning. The children begin their day at 8:30. The pupils’ timetable is structured for the morning into phonics where we follow the Read Write Inc programme, maths and writing lessons, with reading skills also being taught discretely during Reading Masters. In our afternoon sessions we cover the school's planned curriculum for the rest of the foundation subjects.

Useful Resources

Below are some great Writing home sheets, so you can see what is expected from year 1 and year 2.


Year 2 Blog Posts


Year 2 – Writing

For the last couple of weeks Year 2 have been investigating a crime that happened in their classrooms! They were reading the book 'I Want My Hat Back' in English and then made there own hats but one night after school a hat went missing. The children used the clues left in the crime scene by the thief to work out who their main suspects were. They then wrote questions to ask the eye witnesses and suspects to help them gather even more evidence. After a careful investigation they were able to identify the thieves and find the missing hats. The children have written detailed crime scene reports of their investigation to tell the other teachers all about this shocking event!

Year 2 – Design and Technology

After comparing the United Kingdom and China in Geography, Year 2 have spent the beginning of this half term learning about Chinese Dragons that are used in parades. They have also learnt about wheels and axels and how these components help to make a vehicle move. The children have combined this knowledge to design and make their own version of a Chinese Dragon that is able to pulled along in a parade.

Year 2 – RE

This half term Year 2 have been looking at why light is important for different religions. This week the children have learnt about Diwali and why light is important to Hindus. The children learnt about the story of Rama and Sita and how Hindus decorate with Rangoli patterns and Diya Lamps. They then went outside to create their own Rangoli patterns.

Year 2 – Geography

This half term in Year 2 the children have started their Geography unit comparing the UK to China. So far they have looked at famous landmarks in both countries and learnt some key facts about both places. First, working together in groups, the children compared and sorted information about Norwich and Shanghai. Then they investigated different methods of travelling from ancient times and modern times in both places and designed their own Chinese Palanquin using traditional patterns.

Year 2 and 5 Buddies

This afternoon Year 2 and Year 5 enjoyed spending some time with their buddies. They spent part of the afternoon reading stories to each other and had a great time.

Colours of Queen’s Hill

Our amazing teaching team have been painting self-portraits after school today for our Colours of Queen's Hill art project. They'll be going on display in the main entrance next week. The Colours of Queen’s Hill is a wonderful art project for our whole-school community, where everyone will be creating their own self-portrait to celebrate individuality and diversity, inspired by the work of artist Angélica Dass.

Year 2 – Smoothie Making

In DT this half term Year 2 have completed a smoothie making project. First they taste tested smoothies so that they could decide which fruits they liked best. Then they designed their own recipes and wrote out which ingredients they would need. Finally they made their smoothies, carefully cutting the fruit and adding it to the container before it was blended. Then they got to taste their recipe! The children had a great time and loved drinking their creations.

Year 2 – PE

This half term Year 2 have been enjoying developing their throwing, aiming and agility skills in PE. This week they took part in a carousel of activities to practise what they've learnt. They even challenged themselves to adapt the activities to make them trickier!

Year 2 – Online Author Visit

Year 2 had an exciting morning today when they took part in an online author visit with Nathan Bryon and Dapo Adeola. The children listened to Nathan and Dapo read their new book Speak Up! and then took part in a quiz. After that, Dapo taught the children how to draw the bookworm from the story. What a great morning!

We are Proud to be a ‘Good’ School

I am delighted to inform you that we have retained our ‘good’ judgement by Ofsted in our recent inspection. There has been a lot of hard work behind the scenes, and I am thrilled that the dedication of our staff and pupils has been recognised. I’m sure you will join me in congratulating everyone who works and volunteers atour school. I wanted to draw your attention to some of the excellent feedback we received: Queen’s Hill Primary is a peaceful, well-organised school, where pupils feel safe. Pupils are helped to develop academically and personally in a nurturing environment. Leaders provide a harmonious environment where diversity is valued. Expectations are high for everybody. Staff treat pupils with respect and kindness. Leaders are ambitious for pupils with SEND. Parents appreciate the work of the school staff both in regard to the care they provide and the curriculum on offer. I also wanted to personally thank everyone who completed Ofsted’s Parent View survey. This is such valuable feedback, and helps us to ensure our school continues to be the best that it can be for our pupils.Thank you once again for all the support you continue to give the school.Best wishes, Mr. Matthew CrossHeadteacher 10255203-Queens-Hill-Primary-135148-Final-PDF-1Download