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Year 4 Recorders

Year 4 are really enjoying their instrumental lessons as part of their music curriculum. This week they were able to learn the note ‘B’ and even play along to a simple song. Miss Peek was very proud to pop in and hear Mrs Stevenson’s class progress.


Year 3 Music

Year 3 have been exploring different musical notes and vocabulary this term. They even had a go at writing their own this week. They now know what a crotchet, minim and quaver is and are working hard on remembering the note values too. As part of computing, year 3 were able to code and create … Read more


Peer teaching in Year 6

Year 6 demonstrated fantastic teamwork and communication when peer teaching in their English lesson. This lesson was all about working together and generating vocabulary for our suspense narrative based on ‘The Curse of the Maya’. Children also came up with lots of figurative language for the main character’s senses. Each group moved around the room and … Read more


Science in Year 1

Year one have been doing some great learning in science! Last week we investigated why giraffes have big hooves by trying to push different sized objects into the sand. We also explored designing a menu and creating pizzas for animals depending on whether they were, herbivores, omnivores or carnivores. Today we identified and named different … Read more


Year 3 Computing

Year 3 have been exploring programming as part of their latest computing unit. Today they were able to explain that programming requires a start point and recognise that a sequence of commands can have an order. They had great fun using scratch to support!



Year 3 had fun learning about hieroglyphics. They wrote their own names in cartouches and cannot wait to show them in their assembly tomorrow!


Y1 numbers to 20


Y1 Learning about African animals

We spent time in groups learning facts about different African animals. We learnt where they live, what they eat and some very interesting facts!


Year 4 – Mad Science

Year 4 kicked off their brand new science topic with a bang this morning as Mad Science led a fantastic workshop. They learnt all about static electricity through the use of a Van de Graaff generator, which raised a few hairs! Children were introduced to the terms ‘conductor’ and ‘insulator’ and used themselves as a … Read more