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Year 2 – Flight

Year 2 have kick started their ‘History of Flight’ unit with a whole day of flight related activities. The children made hot air balloons, had a paper areophane competition and even took a trip on Queen’s Hill Airlines! They will be learning all about aviation in History and English lessons this half term.


Year 3 Egyptians

Year 3 explored artefacts and asked brilliant questions today! They are having so much fun learning about Ancient Egypt!


Y5 Rivers

We launched our ‘What is a River?’ topic in Geography this week by making our very own rivers! We are looking forward to exploring the different parts of a river and exploring river wildlife over the next weeks.


Year 6 Mayan Day

This week, Year 6 launched their new topic, the Ancient Maya civilisation, and participated in different practical activities to begin this unit’s learning. Children made and tasted spicy hot chocolate and discovered that the Maya thought cacao beans were so valuable that they were even used as currency. They explored Mayan temples and had a … Read more


Year 3 Egyptians

Year 3 have started their new topic ‘Ancient Egypt.’ As part of one of our key texts (Marcy and the riddle of the Sphinx), the children decided what they would need to take with them on an expedition. They created a diamond nine with their key items. Soon we will be exploring hieroglyphics too!


Year 2 Kite Festival

This morning Year 2 tested out their kites in their very own Kite Festival. There was some very successful flying and some kites that needed a few repairs along the way! The children had a great time and were able to talk about why the materials they had chosen were a good choice for a … Read more


School Council Christmas Bauble Project

Back in November, the School Council decided to buy every child a clear bauble to design and decorate ready for Christmas. Each year group chose their own designs and have been busy over the last few weeks creating them. In Year 1, children filled their baubles with Christmas sequins and they decorated the outside. In … Read more


Year 6 Time & Tide Museum Trip

Year 6 had a great time visiting the Time and Tide Museum to round off their topic work on World War Two. They travelled back in time to 1941 when Great Yarmouth was in the thick of the action as a ‘front line town’. They Discovered how the war affected people on the home front … Read more


Year 4 Christmas Art

This week, Year 4 have enjoyed getting into the Christmas spirit by creating their own Northern Lights artwork. They used chalks to create the colourful light display in the sky and the snow beneath. Finally, they added splashes of white paint to create the effect of snow. We think they all look stunning!