Year 2 – Science

Year 2 have been investigating world habitats in their Science lesson, they used books and iPads to research their chosen world habitat. Then they drew a diagram of that habitat and wrote a description explaining which living things lived there and the special features they needed to survive.

Y1 – Materials

As part of their materials topic Year 1 tested materials to find out which ones were waterproof. They came to the conclusion that plastic was waterproof. Mrs Carpenter then stood behind a big piece of plastic so we could really test it out. It’s a good job that they were right!

Interviewing Adults

As part of their topic some Year 1 children chose to interview Mr Cross and Mrs Suffield. They asked them about their current job and the jobs that they had had before.

Year 6 Art

Year 6 have created some wonderful collages inspired by the work of Gustav Klimt. His work included lots of symbolism and used a wide variety of subjects including people and landscapes. Klimt’s paintings also incorporated gold leaf and were very intricate. Year 6 chose elements from a range of Klimt’s work to incorporate into their own design. They then chose different materials and textures to layer onto their collages in colours typical to his style.

We have been very impressed with children’s creativity and concentration throughout the project!

Year 2 History

Year 2 have been learning how to be historians during their History lessons. They have been using picture sources as evidence and matching them to statements about life on board the Titanic. They have also been evaluating the reasons why the Titanic sunk and ranking them from most important to least important. They did a fantastic job explaining their ideas to their talk partners.

Investigating Voltage

Year 6 have been thinking scientifically when investigating voltage, specifically what happens to components as the voltage of the cell or battery is increased. Children worked effectively to set up a fair test, consider the variables in their experiment and draw conclusions from what they observed.

Y2 Computing

This half term Year 2 are learning about digital photography. They have learnt what makes a good photograph and have used this knowledge to take high quality photographs of objects in the classroom and outdoor scenery.

Year 3 Art

Year 3 enjoyed decorating their papier mache bowls inspired by Yayoi Kusama today. They used polka dots and thought carefully about colour schemes.

They are excited to reveal their final designs in their show and share assembly next week!