Computing: The micro:bit

Year 6 got to grips with using a micro:bit this week – a tiny programmable device that enabled children to understand how computers work and learn to code using the language of computers. They familiarised themselves with the device itself and the programming environment before creating their own programs. They then ran their programs on the device. We were impressed by everyone’s curiosity and concentration!

Y1 – Typing on a Keyboard

Year 1 were lucky to have some Y6 ambassadors join us for our computing lesson. They showed us how to use a keyboard to type. The children then had a go at writing some sentences.

Y2 Computing

This half term Year 2 are learning about digital photography. They have learnt what makes a good photograph and have used this knowledge to take high quality photographs of objects in the classroom and outdoor scenery.

Year 3 computing

This afternoon, Year 3 created their own tree diagrams as part of their computing unit.

They thought about yes/no questions and showed real grit and determination.

Year 3 Computing

Year 3 have been exploring programming as part of their latest computing unit.

Today they were able to explain that programming requires a start point and recognise that a sequence of commands can have an order.

They had great fun using scratch to support!

Year 3 Computing

Year 3 finished their stop motion animation unit today. They created they own story boards, settings and characters!

They were so proud of their finished animations!

Year 3 Computing

Year 3 had a great time this week creating their own stop-motion animations.
They showed great creativity and concentration skills!

Year 3 Computing

Year 3 enjoyed creating their own flip book animations today ahead of working towards creating animations on the iPads next week.

They showed creativity skills as well as grit and determination!