Year 6 Careers Fair

Yesterday we welcomed visitors from a range of companies to help host our annual careers fair. Year 6 pupils got to find out about careers in technology, engineering, environmental sciences, media, firefighting and town planning. Thank you so much to everyone who gave up their time to help our pupils find out more about future career options.

Year 6 New Arrivals

This week, Year 6 have acquired some new members- two baby guinea pigs, who have been named Stormy and Hazel. The children are very excited about having class pets and the opportunity to look after the fur babies at the weekends. Look out for a letter providing more information about the new arrivals.

Year 6 Mandarin

This week in their languages lesson, the Year 6 children have been learning about the traditions of Chinese New Year. Miss Chen brought in a traditional lion’s head and body and the children had the opportunity to try these on and pretend that they were part of this animal. They also created special red envelopes that bring good fortunes in line with Chinese New Year traditions.

Year 6 WWII Trip

Year 6 came dressed in WWII themed outfits for their school trip to the Time and Tide museum in Great Yarmouth yesterday. They travelled back in time to 1941 when Great Yarmouth was in the thick of the action as a ‘front line town’. They Discovered how the war affected people on the home front and met an ARP warden, housewife, shopkeeper and Home Guard soldier.

Hapazome: Outdoor Learning inspired by Japanese art

In Outdoor Learning, to tie in with our art topic about dying materials, we learned the Japanese craft of hapazome.  The Year 6s collected fresh leaves and safely used mallets to bash the colour onto triangles of cotton material.  Some children made their own tools out of chunks of bark and stones to hold down the material in the wind.  They discovered the lighter they tapped with the mallets the more detail their prints revealed.

Quite literally meaning ‘leaf dye’, hapa-zome is the Japanese technique of smashing flowers and leaves into fabric. The plant matter is often arranged into a mandala, but you can create any pattern you like. Be sure to use fresh, juicy plants though; these will leave the best imprint.

If you type ‘Hapazome’ into Google you could find some inspiration to try this over the weekend!

Maya: Ancient to today!

Across our subjects we have started our new Topic: the Maya. In Art we learned about the importance of art in Mayan culture and how they were prolific storytellers, and one of the reasons we know so much about this ancient culture is because of their frescoes and sculptures.

The Maya used lots of repeating patterns and symbols in their architecture, sculpture and artwork.
They often represented the real creatures in the jungles and grasslands around them, as well as demon figures and mythical figures.

In History, we looked at where the Maya live today, what sort of climate and landscape they live in, and then detailed what we already know and what we would like to know.

We practiced our mapwork skills by filling in all the countries of Central America.
We discussed what we had already learned in just two days, and what else we would like to learn by the end of the unit.

Festive Fun in Year 6!

Year 6 have had a festive-filled end of term! They have all worked so incredibly hard this term and us teachers are very proud of them! Wishing all of our wonderful Year 6’s and their families a joyful and restful Christmas – we look forward to welcoming everyone back in the new year for another busy and exciting term ahead!