This week we have been learning more about 2D and 3D shapes. We learnt what the difference was and found out the shapes names. We talked about the different properties of shapes. We now know what sides, corners and faces are.

Year 3 Maths

Last week, Year 3 started their topic of measurement in maths. They learnt how to measure in mm, cm and m by measuring lines on the playground.

Back in the classroom, the children then matched their measurements to the real size of different animals, using the books ‘Actual Size’ and ‘Prehistoric Actual Size’ by Steve Jenkins.

Y5 – Maths in Space

We were lucky to attend an event run by Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form, to show children how fun and exciting maths can be! The children were engaged in the activities on offer: an origami masterclass, alien times table games, maths challenges, life-sized space battleships, and talks on planets, rocketships and astronauts by experts in each field. Children were also gifted a goody bag filled with stationary, bookmarks and additional activity booklets to continue the maths fun at home. 

Investigation in Year 3

As part of the whole school maths investigation, Year 3 explored different totals that 2 and 3 spotted ladybirds could make. The children showed amazing grit and determination skills and were all very successful.

Angles in Year 4

It’s been a busy week in year 4. We have also been learning about angles! The children are now able to identify acute angles, right angles, obtuse angles and reflex angles. We used masking tape and drew the angle onto the tables!

Year 3 Maths

Look at the grit and determination we needed in maths today to complete this domino game!

Year 3 Maths Fun

We practised our addition with Miss Peek today. We first added to 10 and then challenged ourselves to 30. We had so much fun!

Some of us worked with other teachers to complete problem solving activities too!

Year 3 Maths- Adding 3 numbers

We had fun playing games to help us add 3 numbers today. We all started with the mild challenge and moved up a level when we felt confident.