Year 3 Maths Fun

We practised our addition with Miss Peek today. We first added to 10 and then challenged ourselves to 30. We had so much fun!

Some of us worked with other teachers to complete problem solving activities too!

Year 3 Maths- Adding 3 numbers

We had fun playing games to help us add 3 numbers today. We all started with the mild challenge and moved up a level when we felt confident.

Year 4 Measurement

In Week 2, Year 4 investigated measurement. In order to understand how many metres are in a kilometer, we took a walk around the estate. We recorded each time we had walked 100m and discovered 1,000m = 1 km.

We also investigated how many mls in 1 litre. We started by finding out that 10 lots of 10mls made 100ml, using a syringe. Then we found that 10 lots of 100ml made 1l.

Y5 Panathlon

Y5 were lucky to attend an event at Taverham high School in association with Panathlon UK. It was a multi-sport event where children took part in 8 different activities scoring points for Queen’s Hill as they did so. Luckily we had glorious weather and the children thoroughly enjoyed taking part.

Fractions, fractions and more fractions

Y5 ended Spring 1 with a fully immersive week on ‘What is a fraction?’ and have continued that theme into Spring 2.

We started our new topic with a chocolate challenge to see if children could figure out where to sit to ensure they got the most chocolate. We created pizzas from menus that showed the ingredient amounts in fractions – of course we ate them as we are not a wasteful year group. We went outside and created fraction walls and fraction models out of what we could find and we designed posters to celebrate what we have learnt.

We have created stories about ninja children stealing fraction amounts from Mrs Pascoe’s secret cake stash (perhaps not so secret anymore) and have chopped up numerous fruits to demonstrate that fractions are equal parts of a whole.

The children have really embraced the topic and have made amazing progress in such a short amount of time. We look forward to delving deeper this term.

Y5 Math Competition

Boys from Year 5 bravely represented Queen’s Hill Primary School at a recent mathematics competition. They worked in pairs, completing 6 different activities in 8 minute blocks. They didn’t crumble under the pressure, they stood tall and managed to get a top ten place, which out of 34 was a significant achievement.

We were so proud of the boys we stopped off for ice cream to celebrate.