Year 6 Careers Fair

Yesterday we welcomed visitors from a range of companies to help host our annual careers fair. Year 6 pupils got to find out about careers in technology, engineering, environmental sciences, media, firefighting and town planning. Thank you so much to everyone who gave up their time to help our pupils find out more about future career options.

Year 3 Science

Today we looked at what our bodies need in order to survive. As part of this, we looked at the Eatwell plate and grouped foods into the correct groups.

We learnt that animals, including humans, need the right types and amount of nutrition and that they cannot make their own food; they get nutrition from what they eat.

Year 4 Electricity

This term in year 4, we are learning about electricity in Science. Last week, we started by exploring what a complete circuit would look like and what is required to make a bulb light up.

This week, we used our complete circuits to test if materials were insulators or conductors. Our topic this half term is ‘Electrify’, linked with our book ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes. Later in the term, we will be using our electricity knowledge to create our own Iron Men with headlamp eyes!

Shadow Investigation

Year 6 carried out a Science investigation to discover how the size of an object’s shadow depends on the distance between the light source and the object. Before the investigation, children made a prediction, explained the method, noted the apparatus needed and drew scientific diagrams. They then drew up a results table and used this to plot a graph to show their findings as well as writing a conclusion.

What did we find out?

The size of the object’s shadow increases as the distance between the light source and the object decreases. This is because light
travels in straight lines, so objects closer to the light source block light travelling in a greater range of different directions. As a wide light source moves towards an object, the shadow’s edges become less sharp (as it actually consists of overlapping shadows due to different parts of the light source). We only changed one variable to make it a fair test.

Y5 Science

This half term Y5 have been exploring different forces and how these act upon objects. This week we focused on the force – air resistance. Children were set the task to redesign a parachute for the Super Skydiving Company. Children made and tested three parachutes to see which type of parachute falls the slowest creating the most air resistance.

Year 3 Science

We sorted magnetic and non-magnetic objects today. We had fun investigating and exploring the school for objects!


Year 6 made their very own periscopes today as part of their learning about light and reflection. They used mirrors in their periscope and observed how the mirrors in the periscope reflected the light to enable them to see an image of an object around a corner or over the top of another object. Grit and determination were needed as well as independence and concentration whilst following the instructions!

It’s a Penguin

It turned out it was a Penguin. It was missing and had got lost at our school so, the year 1 children found out about Penguins. What they are like, their special features and where they live. They created missing posters to help find the Penguin.