Y5 Curriculum Day – Earth Day

Today Y5 celebrated Earth Day. We were tasked to look at the issue of ‘littering’ and how this impacted on the Earth. We decided to go on a litter pick around the school grounds. Due to the amount of litter found the children felt compelled to do more so they decided to write letters to their local MP raising this issue within their community. In the afternoon Y5 met up with their Y2 buddies class and helped them complete their ‘No – Mow May’ posters. Calling upon the school and all garden owners and green space managers not to mow during May – liberating their lawns and providing a space for nature.

Y4 Science – Volume and Pitch

Year 4 have continued their investigations into sound and pitch this week! Today, we experimented with different balls to investigate the impact that size and shape would have on the pitch and volume created by the balls.

Planning an investigation

This week, Year 6 have started planning a scientific investigation to discover how variations in electrical components change how circuits function. Children started to consider how the flow of electricity is impacted when it is distributed between more components, such as the number of bulbs. They looked at a concept cartoon to start their discussions. Thinking scientifically, they then used what they already knew to make predictions. We look forward to seeing what children find out in our next lesson!

Y5 Earth and Space

Y5 have started their new Science topic. We have been learning about the planets in our solar system and how theories around the shape of the Earth and the way in which it orbits has changed over time. Excitingly, we also created our very own representation of our solar system using different sized balls and toilet roll! Each piece of toilet roll represented 16,000,000 km. To represent the distance for Neptune from the sun we had to count out 280 pieces and as you can see we ran out of space in the classroom.

Y5 child speaking about Aristotle and his findings
Y5 child speaking about Heliocentric and Geocentric model

F1 Jaguar Club

The three teams have been working each week after school preparing for the F1 Jaguar reginal finals. The children had to design, make, assemble, test and race their cars at the reginal heats. They also had to prepare a presentation about their work. In order to gain sponsorship the children wrote to local businesses and were then able to buy their own merchandise with their very own logo’s on.

All three teams did exceptionally well. Winning awards across all categories. Two of our teams were extremely successful and are heading to the National championships in Leeds!

Y4 Science Melting and Heating

This week, Year 4 have been learning about changes of state. To understand how a solid can turn into a liquid, we melted milk, white and dark chocolate. We investigated the time if took each one to melt completely, to see if there was a difference in their melting temperatures.

Science Assembly

Today we had a visit from Mad Scientist, Dr D.N.A. who talked to us about various inventors and different types of forces. We watched and took part in air pressure experiments using a Bernoulli balloon. We blew up a balloon with only one puff! We also watched as Dr. D.N.A controlled a huge inflatable football in the air with her industrial ‘hair dryer’! We ended our science show by learning about static electricity. We used a Van de Graaff generator to create static energy. We even managed to create sparks and pass on static electricity from one person to another!