School Council – Menu tasting

Children from school council were given the opportunity to taste a variety of food items and give their opinions on them. This was to help Nikki and the kitchen team think about developing the lunch menu going forward.

A great time was had by all and the feedback given by the children was invaluable. Favourites included a chicken burger, gammon steak and a new curry recipe!

The mystery in year 1

Last week the children came into school and a beanstalk had grown in each of the classrooms! The children think that the beanstalk grew from some magic beans that Mr Cross gave us. The children have worked hard to describe the beanstalk and produced some wonderful descriptive writing!

Bookbugs Bookshop Visit

Some children from Year 1 and Year 2 had an exciting trip to Bookbugs and Dragon Tales bookshop where they met author Robert Tregoning and illustrator Stef Murphy. They listened to Robert and Stef’s new book ‘A Fairy Called Fred’ and then designed outfits to grant wishes just like Fred the Fairy!

Y1 – Materials

As part of their materials topic Year 1 tested materials to find out which ones were waterproof. They came to the conclusion that plastic was waterproof. Mrs Carpenter then stood behind a big piece of plastic so we could really test it out. It’s a good job that they were right!

Interviewing Adults

As part of their topic some Year 1 children chose to interview Mr Cross and Mrs Suffield. They asked them about their current job and the jobs that they had had before.

Year 1 class jobs

Year 1 have been learning abut different jobs. Last week, all children in year 1 were given a class job. From Cloakroom Monitor to Office Assistant, Whiteboard monitor to Librarian. All children have been given a lanyard to wear with their name and job title. They are taking these roles very seriously. Well done year 1!

Trip to Pets at Home

We have been learning about pets and how to look after animals. Today year 1 went on a visit to Pets at home to see some pets and find out more about how to care for animals. We found toys, food and and pet beds. We also saw some very cute rabbits, rats and even a bearded dragon!

Year 2 – Fabric Printing

This week Year 2 finished their dip dye unit by printing onto their dyed fabric using the printing blocks they made earlier in the unit. They chose one colour of paint and carefully printed a repeating pattern on to their fabric. They did an amazing job!