Year 2 Art – Printing

Year 2 finished their textiles artwork this week by using their handmade relief blocks to print repeating patterns on to their dip dyed fabric. They used their concentration skills and created some fantastic final pieces.

Year 2 Art – Dip Dye

Year 2 have had a very exciting afternoon dip dyeing their fabric ready for printing on to next week. The children carefully attached pegs to their fabric and then chose three colours to dip into. They showed excellent concentration skills and have created some lovely patterns on their dyed fabric.

Y2 Computing

This term in Computing the children have been experimenting with digital music in Chrome Music Lab. This week they have used the Kandinsky app to make sounds by drawing different shapes and patterns. After testing out the sounds they could make, the children composed music that reminded them of space.

Y2 PE Festival

Year 2 Outdoor Learning

Year 2 have enjoyed some outdoor learning today. They played a game about outdoor activities that are healthy for them and the environment e.g. planting fruit and vegetables.  The children then collected natural materials to make a healthy meal.  They had catkin sweetcorn, stone potatoes and even twig asparagus!  

Year 2 Mice – Music

This term Mice class have been having Music lessons with Sistema and have been learning all about pulse, beat, melody and rhythm. They have learnt how to play different percussion instruments and have composed a Christmas song including writing the lyrics themselves!

The other two Year 2 classes are looking forward to their own music lessons in the coming terms.

Year 2 Writing

This half term Year 2 have been using the book ‘I Want My Hat Back’ to inspire their English work. They have used drama to act in the role of the bear with the missing hat and understand how the bear would have felt. They have also used their descriptive writing to try to help the bear find his hat.

After reading the book, the children were inspired to make their own hats but unfortunately a terrible crime occurred and one of the hats went missing! Year 2 conducted their own investigation, using their inference, prediction and questioning skills to identify the culprit. Luckily the children solved the crime and were able to get the missing hat back.

Finally, the children wrote crime scene reports for Mr Cross to inform him of what had happened.

Year 2 Author Experience

This afternoon Year 2 took part in a live lesson with the authors and illustrators Jon Klassen and Mac Barnett. They learnt about being an author and listened to Mac Barnett read their new book ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’. The children were also shown by Jon Klassen how to draw the characters from the story.