Y3 Les Herissons’ Writing

Les Herissons (and all of Year 3) have loved learning about the Ancient Egyptians.
Look at these amazing non-chronological reports they have produced in writing!
They have so much knowledge and we are all so proud of them.

Reception – Lunar New Year

In Reception this week we have been learning about Lunar New Year. We have made lanterns, decorated our classrooms and had a go at writing some numbers in sand. We also learnt the story of the race and talked about the different animals. Thank you to Asha’s mum who brought in some real envelopes and decorations to look at! The children have really enjoyed learning about a different holiday and culture.

Year 6 WWII Trip

Year 6 came dressed in WWII themed outfits for their school trip to the Time and Tide museum in Great Yarmouth yesterday. They travelled back in time to 1941 when Great Yarmouth was in the thick of the action as a ‘front line town’. They Discovered how the war affected people on the home front and met an ARP warden, housewife, shopkeeper and Home Guard soldier.

Year 3 History

Year 3 are enjoying learning about the Ancient Egyptians.

We learnt about artefacts and tried to use our knowledge of hieroglyphics to help us look at the artefacts in detail!

Year 6 History

Year 6 have produced some wonderful double-page spreads to celebrate all of their hard work in History over the Autumn term. Children collated a range of different ideas under subheadings to show their understanding, including: rationing, the role of women, key dates and countries involved and VE Day. Have a look at these brilliant examples!

Geography Lunch

Well done to those children who correctly guessed the location of Mr. Clarke in the USA as part of the fortnightly Geography quiz! The home-made burger lunch went down a treat!

Roman Towns in Year 4

This week we have also been summarising our learning about the Romans. We have such a huge range of knowledge about the Romans and their powerful empire since we have been researching them in our History lessons. This week, we learned about Roman towns. We also discussed and considered what makes a good historian and how we know so much about these Roman towns. We discovered that many cities today contain remains from Roman times.

Volcanic Eruptions in Year 4

In Geography and Writing this week, year 4 have been learning about the stages of a volcano erupting. This is going to help us with writing an explanation text about how a volcano erupts.

We started the week by learning about tectonic plates. We used this jigsaw to understand that where they meet is often where earthquakes and volcanoes occur. We demonstrated where volcanoes happen using a map and finally sequenced the events of a volcano erupting.