Goldilocks and the Three Bears

This week in Reception we have had a break in! In our classes we found clues of a broken chair, beds and porridge everywhere! Children put the clues together and think it was Golidlocks and the Three Bears that left us this mess from the Bank Holiday weekend. Children will be learning this text as part of a ‘Talk for Writing’ unit.

Music wall

As part of our outside renovations, we have had a music wall installed in our area. Children have loved using the beaters to make and hear different sounds on the recycled materials.

Police Visit

Reception were very excited to have the police come and visit us at school today. The children have been learning about ‘People who help us’ and asked them lots of questions about what their day to day job looks like. The children got to try on some uniform, sit in the police car, listen to the siren and even got a police themed sticker!

Sheep Week!

Last week we welcomed sheep to Reception and Queen’s Hill! The children helped to look after them, made sure they have enough hay and water and helped to feed the ewe. As the sheep became more comfortable in the field, some children even got to stroke the lambs. Alongside learning about the sheep and farming, they have also been learning ‘Mary had a little lamb’ and made a personalised song using their name and pet or animal.

Everyone at school was very sad to see Baarbara, Baarbie and Baarnaby leave us!

Dentist visit

Last week we had Marijka from John Plummers dental surgery visit our Reception and Year 1 children. She taught us about the different tools they use at the dentist, why we visit the dentist and how to look after our teeth. We learnt about making healthy choices for our teeth and about brushing them twice daily for 2 minutes.

Reception Maths outdoors!

Children enjoyed playing a target game outside, throwing hoops over cones to score points. They kept score using our ten frames and the first one to ten was the winner. Children did a brilliant job of noticing how many they had scored and how many they needed to get to ten!

Outdoor Classroom visit

We have been learning about the changes that Autumn brings in Reception and so we decided to see if we could find any evidence of Autumn arriving in Queen’s Hills. The children worked in pairs and hunted for Autumn items from a checklist. All of the children did super listening and showed our 3 school rules of Ready, Safe and Respectful!

Going on an Autumn hunt!