Brilliant Board Games

Year 6 have produced some absolutely brilliant board games this week as part of their DT project. From thinking carefully about their initial concept and theme, to considering their own game’s effectiveness during the evaluation process, they have demonstrated great creativity and reflection. We definitely think there could be some future product designers amongst them!

Year 3 construction

Year 3 have been designing, making and evaluating their own toothpaste boxes. They thought carefully about what went well and what they could do better next time.

Y5 Space Art

This half term Y5 have being studying the works of local artist Dale Devereux-Barker, who lives and works in Suffolk. Using layering techniques and working with water colours and pastels the children were able to create a ‘space’ themed mixed media collage. We are incredibly impressed with the artwork produced, which is on display ready to impress at the next ‘Work Share’.

Investigations and Market Research!

Year 6 have had a busy start to the week! In Maths, children have put their problem solving skills to the test, working on a tricky investigation collaboratively. They have also been learning about Islamic patterns and the geometric shapes found in mosques, linking their learning to RE.

In DT, children carried out Market Research as they began their new project. Before designing their own board games, they tried and tested a variety of games and evaluated their effectiveness. We look forward to seeing (and playing) the games they create!

Sculpture inspired by Henry Moore

Year 6 began their art topic of sculpture by looking at Henry Moore’s ‘Reclining Figures’. They had a go at creating their own representations of reclining figures by pinching, pulling and forming pieces of clay to record their observations. The children then had to stroke the clay to obtain a smooth finish. 

F1 Jaguar Club

The three teams have been working each week after school preparing for the F1 Jaguar reginal finals. The children had to design, make, assemble, test and race their cars at the reginal heats. They also had to prepare a presentation about their work. In order to gain sponsorship the children wrote to local businesses and were then able to buy their own merchandise with their very own logo’s on.

All three teams did exceptionally well. Winning awards across all categories. Two of our teams were extremely successful and are heading to the National championships in Leeds!

Y5 Art

Y5 were inspired by the artist Hundertwasser this half term and created pictures of nature in his style. Hundertwasser often depicted tress as lollipops and the children’s designs focused on this.

To create our pieces we used oil pastels practicing and perfecting the following different techniques: mixing and blending, stippling and cross-hatching.

Year 6 Languages

Year 6 have been using ‘World of Languages, Languages of The World’ resources to discover the fascinating etymology of our days of the week. Children compared our days of the week to French and German days, looking for similarities and differences. We explored and investigated the links between Norse and Roman Gods and thought about the connections between languages throughout the world. Children loved looking for clues and cracking codes in order to understand other languages as well as finding out about how many different languages are spoken amongst the year group!

Inspired by the rest of the school’s Curriculum Day, we also had our very own Year 6 Art Challenge linking to Belgian artist Ben Heine’s pencil versus camera work and using the base of the Eiffel Tower as a starting point. It was great to see the creativity of the children and see them engage so well with this task.