Year 6 Art

Year 6 have had a fantastic start to the year and have quickly settled into life as role models to the rest of the school! This week, children have been taking part in our whole school Art project, ‘The Colours of Queen’s Hill’, inspired by Angélica Dass and the Humanae Project which celebrates the diverse beauty of human skin. Using only blue, yellow, red and white, children experimented and mixed their unique skin tones. We have had excellent, mature conversations in class around identity too. We cannot wait to see the self portraits they produce!

    Year 3 Wraps

    Year 3 designed, made and evaluated their own wraps. Here is what they had to say:

    “Putting all of the ingredients down the middle of the wrap was fun!”

    “Cutting the ingredients into smaller pieces was fun!”

    “Tasting the wrap was delicious!”

    “Folding the wrap up was tricky, but we persevered and did it!”

    Year 2 – Smoothie Making

    In DT this half term Year 2 have completed a smoothie making project. First they taste tested smoothies so that they could decide which fruits they liked best. Then they designed their own recipes and wrote out which ingredients they would need. Finally they made their smoothies, carefully cutting the fruit and adding it to the container before it was blended. Then they got to taste their recipe! The children had a great time and loved drinking their creations.

    Year 3 Sculpture

    Year 3 had fun making these bowls inspired by Kandinsky. They used paper mache and thought carefully about how their designs could be inspired by him.

    Brilliant Board Games

    Year 6 have produced some absolutely brilliant board games this week as part of their DT project. From thinking carefully about their initial concept and theme, to considering their own game’s effectiveness during the evaluation process, they have demonstrated great creativity and reflection. We definitely think there could be some future product designers amongst them!

    Year 3 construction

    Year 3 have been designing, making and evaluating their own toothpaste boxes. They thought carefully about what went well and what they could do better next time.