Year 2 Collaborative Art display

This week year 2 have worked together to create a display inspired by the artist Anthony Frost who works in textiles with bold painted colours. We created words from the letters associated with our year group crown which was challenge.

Can you see your letter anywhere?

Third time is a charm…

It’s the end of week three and Year 6 has settled into their new routines. They have already achieved so much in a short space of time. We finished our Creative Arts Week in which we made from amazing rag rugs in a Make Do and Mend style. We have started learning about WW2 in History and English, where we are reading an all time favourite Goodnight Mister Tom.

In Science, we have created glossary pages to aid us in our new Living Things and Their Habitats unit, and the classes played a spirited game of Guess Who but with a twist! We have finished this week with a thoughtful lesson on Peace and what that means to us individually and what it means to different religions around the globe. The children came up with brilliant ideas about how we can create peaceful spaces, maybe you’d like to try a few this weekend!

Ideas of creating peaceful spaces and relationships: Walking in nature, listening/ singing to music, meditation, rocking out, snuggle up in some blankets with candles and a hot chocolate, drawing, kindness, taking deep breaths, and concentrating on the good things that bring us together.

DT in Year 3

Have a look at our wonderful reusable bags we designed and created.
We thought about how they would help the planet and got to show off our sewing skills!

Year 6 – Creative Arts

Year 6 have had a fabulous start to the term! As part of our Creative Arts project, children have produced wonderful ‘no-sew’ rag rugs. In the spirit of wartime Britain and inspired by the ‘Make Do and Mend’ initiative, children thought carefully about how items could be repaired, reused and reimagined. All have shown a huge amount of grit and determination during the process as well as reflecting on their end results in order to evaluate their efforts. Their wonderful rag rugs will be on display in the UKS2 corridor for all to see! Well done, Year 6!

Y5 off to a smashing start!

We have had such an amazing week getting to know our new classes. Our afternoons have been jammed packed with creativity and all the children have blown us away by demonstrating just how artistic they are. They have created their very own beautiful crown sun catchers and included an image related to climate change ready for our new geography topic. They have also drawn their self portrait and then recreated it in the style of artist Frank Auerbach.

Year 4 Art Day Week Beginning 02/05/22

In Year 4 this week, we have had an Art day. We have been making printing blocks from cardboard and Styrofoam. We experimented with shapes and patterns, as well as different surfaces such as paper and fabric. We finished the day by creating collographs, which we are excited to use when they’re dry. Here is some of our work.

Camouflage Art

In Year 1 we have been learning about Kalahari Desert and the animals which live there. We know it is hard for animals to survive here and we learnt that some animals have camouflaged fur/skin to keep them safe from predators. We created our own pieces of animal camouflage art using oil pastels.