Year 3 Outdoor Learning

Year 3 enjoyed learning about garden birds this morning. Many of them said they found it relaxing to listen to birdsong while they sketched and bird watched.  Here are a few photos.

Year 6 Mandarin

This week in their languages lesson, the Year 6 children have been learning about the traditions of Chinese New Year. Miss Chen brought in a traditional lion’s head and body and the children had the opportunity to try these on and pretend that they were part of this animal. They also created special red envelopes that bring good fortunes in line with Chinese New Year traditions.

Year 5 Mandarin

In Mandarin this week, Year 5 looked at the Chinese New Year celebrations.

They enjoyed recreating the traditional dragon dance and exploring other festivities.

Year 4 Electricity

This term in year 4, we are learning about electricity in Science. Last week, we started by exploring what a complete circuit would look like and what is required to make a bulb light up.

This week, we used our complete circuits to test if materials were insulators or conductors. Our topic this half term is ‘Electrify’, linked with our book ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes. Later in the term, we will be using our electricity knowledge to create our own Iron Men with headlamp eyes!

Y2 Computing

This term in Computing the children have been experimenting with digital music in Chrome Music Lab. This week they have used the Kandinsky app to make sounds by drawing different shapes and patterns. After testing out the sounds they could make, the children composed music that reminded them of space.

Reception – Lunar New Year

In Reception this week we have been learning about Lunar New Year. We have made lanterns, decorated our classrooms and had a go at writing some numbers in sand. We also learnt the story of the race and talked about the different animals. Thank you to Asha’s mum who brought in some real envelopes and decorations to look at! The children have really enjoyed learning about a different holiday and culture.

Y2 PE Festival