Year 5 Odysseus Play Script

We have spent a lot of time wrestling with the story of Odysseus’ struggle with the cyclops (from Homer’s ‘The Odyssey’) during our English lessons this week, and have begun creating excellent play scripts inspired by this. We have all had to think really hard about the most important events in the story and have carried out a lot of work in the creation of interesting settings and descriptions – using stage directions to help us.

In maths lessons, we have worked well with negative numbers and can confidently order and solve problems with these. This has enabled us to make a great start of our unit of work around coordinates too; some of us have already begun making use of all four quadrants for translation!

Year 5 Ancient Greeks

We have hit the ground running this week and got stuck into our new learning about the Ancient Greeks! We enjoyed getting outside to create a scaled timeline of history from the present day back to the Hellenic Age on Tuesday, and have since been working with extracts from Homer’s classic text: The Odyssey. Through topic sessions, we have started drawing comparisons between ancient and modern Greece.

Next week we will develop our learning about negative numbers (again, applying this to scales) and will begin creating play scripts to bring Odysseus’ epic journey to life.

Year 5 Eco Houses

We have enjoyed constructing our eco-houses from 3D nets this week, these have allowed us to put our mathematical and artistic skills to the test. We will soon be completing a piece of writing to explain our decisions behind the designs and features that we have chosen. We’re looking forward to displaying all of our hard work in a few weeks’ time…