Y5 BSL Live Lesson

Year 5 enjoyed joining in with a live BSL lesson today. We learnt how to sign our names, the signs for greetings, animals and family members. 

Y5 Mandarin

This week, in Mandarin, the children had a tasting session and had a go at using chopsticks, to celebrate the Chinese New Year!

Year 6: ‘My World of Languages’

Year 6 have enjoyed beginning to look at languages and their fascinating and fun connections and roots. They have started to see that words and languages from different countries are closely linked and that by looking for clues and cracking codes, understanding other languages is easier than we think!

French Fruit Salad in Year 3

Year 3 began this term’s French topic on food today using Languagenut to learn the names of fabulous fruits. They extended their language learning to create colourful fruit bowls which they labelled in French! Bien fait tout le monde (well done everyone)!

Y5 Languages

To celebrate Languages Day Y5 explored the Greek alphabet. We learnt that we use lots of Greek words in English today. Some say there are over 150,000 English words that come from Greek words! Once we learnt the Greek alphabet we used it to have fun cracking linguistic codes. When we joined up with our Y2 buddies we taught them how to write their name using the Greek alphabet and then used what we had learnt to play hangman.

Year 6 Languages

Year 6 have been using ‘World of Languages, Languages of The World’ resources to discover the fascinating etymology of our days of the week. Children compared our days of the week to French and German days, looking for similarities and differences. We explored and investigated the links between Norse and Roman Gods and thought about the connections between languages throughout the world. Children loved looking for clues and cracking codes in order to understand other languages as well as finding out about how many different languages are spoken amongst the year group!

Inspired by the rest of the school’s Curriculum Day, we also had our very own Year 6 Art Challenge linking to Belgian artist Ben Heine’s pencil versus camera work and using the base of the Eiffel Tower as a starting point. It was great to see the creativity of the children and see them engage so well with this task.

Year 2 – Languages Curriculum Day

Year 2 have enjoyed learning some British Sign Language today during our Languages Curriculum Day. They learnt how to introduce themselves and fingerspell their name. In the afternoon they shared what they had learnt with their Year 5 buddies.

Year 6 Mandarin

This week in their languages lesson, the Year 6 children have been learning about the traditions of Chinese New Year. Miss Chen brought in a traditional lion’s head and body and the children had the opportunity to try these on and pretend that they were part of this animal. They also created special red envelopes that bring good fortunes in line with Chinese New Year traditions.

Year 5 Mandarin

In Mandarin this week, Year 5 looked at the Chinese New Year celebrations.

They enjoyed recreating the traditional dragon dance and exploring other festivities.