Year 3 Maths

Last week, Year 3 started their topic of measurement in maths. They learnt how to measure in mm, cm and m by measuring lines on the playground.

Back in the classroom, the children then matched their measurements to the real size of different animals, using the books ‘Actual Size’ and ‘Prehistoric Actual Size’ by Steve Jenkins.

Year 3 RSE

We looked at permission in RSE today. We discussed different scenarios and explored why it is important to ask for permission.

Year 3 English

We are using Anthony Browne’s Hansel and Gretel in English over the next few weeks. Today we finished reading the story and created text maps to help us recall some of the key parts. We are going to be working on writing our own fairytale based on this story.

Year 3 RSE

We looked at how our bodies change as we get older. We created these top trump cards and compared how different things change.

Investigation in Year 3

As part of the whole school maths investigation, Year 3 explored different totals that 2 and 3 spotted ladybirds could make. The children showed amazing grit and determination skills and were all very successful.

Year 3 Science

We have been learning about forces in Year 3 and completed an experiment looking at different surfaces today.

Dictionaries for every pupil!

Today EVERY child in Year 3 went home with an illustrated dictionary, kindly donated by the Rotary Club. As you can see from their faces the children were very happy and can’t wait to use them at home. A big thank you to the Rotary Club for organising this!