Sharing stories with buddies

Before the Easter holidays, children in Year 4 spent a number of weeks writing their own legends based on Blue Frog: The Legend of Chocolate. They designed front covers for their stories and made them into mini books.

Today, the children in Year 4 shared their stories with their Year 1 buddies!

Year 1 Writing

We have been learning about the layout and structure of leaflets. To tie into our topic of pets, we have written a leaflet to inform the public how to look after their pets. We have used commas, question marks, and the children are beginning to use adjectives. Well done Year 1. 

Year 3 and Reception Buddy Reading

Year 3 had a fantastic time on Friday reading to their buddy class in Reception. After they read their banded book, the Reception children chose a library book that they wanted to share with the Year 3s.

Writing in Year 4

This half term we have been writing our own legends based on The Blue Frog: The Legend of Chocolate.

At the beginning of our unit of work, we started by identifying the features of legends and considering what we needed to be successful in our own writing.

We have started writing the opening paragraphs to our legends, both as a class and independently. Since then, we have been thinking carefully about the writing process and how we can be like authors, editing, improving and redrafting our work.

We look forward to sharing our finished legends with you!

Writing in Year 6

Year 6 have been exploring Shaun Tan’s graphic novel, ‘The Arrival’. The children have loved discussing the running themes of tolerance, respect and migration. We have had some really insightful conversations about these themes and have related them to the world we live in today.

We unpicked this famous quote by Tan:

‘Even the most anonymous character, in the strangest situation, is familiar to us if we are allowed to know his feelings, and so be invited to walk for a moment in his shoes’

We can’t wait to read the children’s informal letters this week, watch this space!

Year 2 Writing – ‘Gorilla’

In Year 2 this half term we have been writing a story based on the book ‘Gorilla’ by Anthony Browne in our writing lessons. The children have changed the characters from the story and invented their own. The children have also changed where the characters go in the story. The children have been focusing on writing in the past tense and using verbs and adverbs in their writing. Well done year two!

Y5 Writing

This half term in Year 5 we have been using the text ‘Who let the gods out’ to inspire our young writers. Children have taken on the role of reporters, writing their own articles about the escape of Thanatos – Daemon of Death.

We look forward to sharing these with you once completed.

Book Week in Year 4

This week, we enjoyed lots of reading activities to celebrate World Book Day. We read with our Year 1 buddies, heard stories from teachers, dressed as our favourite book characters and did a book swap!

Read Aloud Day

Today we shared books with our class buddies. It was lovely to hear the children reading aloud and discussing books. The Y5 children took their mentoring roles seriously and were questioning their buddies to ensure understanding. We even had some acting as a Y5 student demonstrated what it meant to stroll through the rainforest as an elephant.

Y5 Author Visit

This half term Y5 worked on completing a narrative piece of writing. They wrote an extra chapter to the book ‘Viking Boy’. The writing produced was of such a high caliber we decided to share it with the author of the book, Tony Bradman. Tony spoke to the children and answered lots of their questions, inspiring our budding writers of the future.