Year 3 Outdoor Learning

Year 3 have been enjoying their outdoor learning sessions linked with their current geography topic ‘rivers’.

The children worked in pairs to make a model of a river. They used key vocabulary from their class learning, talking about the source, meander, gravity and river mouth.  They also talked about some of the plants and animals that live on river banks and about the problem of erosion.

Year 3 celebrate Mental Health Day

This week we celebrated World Mental Health Day in Year 3. We had an interesting discussion about what ‘mental health’ means before creating a monster that has similar qualities to each child. Children then discussed similarities and differences in people’s qualities. 

Year 3 Artwork

Year 3 read the story ‘The Dot’ and created their own artwork inspired by this.

Year 3 at the Panto

Year 3 enjoyed their theatre experience today. They laughed, cheered and booed throughout the Cinderella pantomime. We will compare the story of Cinderella with another narrative in the new year.