Aztec artwork

Year 4 have been busy in their art lessons this week, creating their own Aztec-inspired artwork using oil pastel and watercolour.

First Week in Year 4

In our first week in Year 4, we have been working hard to remember to show respect when others are talking. We remember to look at the person who is speaking and wait our turn to speak. We know not to interrupt and to respect each other’s opinions and contributions. 
Also in year 4, we have begun learning a fun, new times table song to help us learn our 7x tables. 

It is sung to the tune of Katy Perry’s, ‘Firework’ song and by learning the lyrics, we are also learning our 7 x table!

Do you ever feel,
To be completely frank,
When you’re asked a sum,
That your mind goes blank?
Do you ever feel,
That’s no way to think?
Numbers going wild
You can’t find the link
Did you know that you
Can make a lyric pay?
Fire up your brain
Ignite the light to lead the way
There’s no need to blank
And this song’s to thank
It’s our 7 x table, yes, you are able to know,
That 7 1s are 7
Thank heaven I’ve seen
That 7 2s are 14 yeah!
That’s done!
7 3s are 21
And we’ve just begun!
Baby you’re alight and wait
You’re suddenly aware that 7 4s are 28
Keep your brain a-alive
7 times 5 is 35
35 plus 7, I’ve got a clue
I know that 7 6s are 42
You think that this is hard
Well I’m feeling fine
7 times 7 is 49
My quick fix,
7 8s are clearly 56
And this next one I will give for free
Did you know that 7 9s are 63?
Now we’ve reached the top,
I will sing it slow,
10 times 7 well…7-0-0-0
Next one is a buzz
I will go insane
11 7s is 7 then 7 a-again!
Baby live it up – yeah you want some more
The last one in the list is 84
Come on all the girls and all the boys
Sing it with your heart and make some noise

Year 4 build a ‘World in a Jar’

This week year 4 built a ‘World in a Jar’ ecosystem. We spent time outside in the elements collecting materials to create them from, including soil, rocks and plant life. Back in the classroom, the children layered up these material before adding their earth’s ‘atmosphere’ in the form of clingfilm! We will make observations of our ecosystems over the coming week to see what changes occur. 

Year 4 After School Café

A huge thank you to all year 4 parents who were able to attend our after school cafe on Wednesday 13th March. We read our current class English novel Beowulf as inspiration for the final artwork pieces that we would be creating. An art workshop then took place with pupils and adults drawing monster eyes using a step-by-step guide. To finish them, we used water-colour wash techniques to create the patterns for skin, scales and irises. Refreshments and an opportunity to chat and network with other parents, was provided half-way through. A creative time was had by all as you can see from the photos and many beautiful pieces of artwork were taken home by children and parents! Thank you for supporting our cafes this term. Look out in the school newsletter and school calendar for our upcoming dates in the summer term.

Year 4 Visit West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village

Year 4 had an inspiring visit to West Stow Anglo-Saxon village on Friday 8th February. The day began with us exploring the outdoor village and trying to be historians – looking for clues. See map and photos. After lunch we were given the opportunity to look around the museum. We tried on clothes and armour; looked at the impressive collection of archaeological finds and even got a chance to handle some real life artifacts. It was a cold and tiring day but a fantastic springboard into our history topic after half term.

Encourage your children to do their own research if they wish in their free time. 

Danger-Us Club Visit Climbing Wall

Danger-Us club visited Norfolk’s highest climbing wall at the OPEN on Wednesday 13th February. We had the wall to ourselves for an hour and the coaching of an amazing instructor. We can’t wait to go back!