Careers Fair

Friday 1st November Year 5 and 6 attended our school careers fair. This invent was well attended by local business and some parents in the profession of engineering, photography and hairdressing also supported the event. We had John Innes – science, Intel – computing, Norse – catering, Kerrison Toys – retail, Aviation Academy and Rotary Club members talking about management positions.

Photos from the event are on display in Aspiration Ally and the children wrote on leaves their future career aspirations which are on display on the Aspiration Tree outside at the visitors entrance.

Year 5 Greek Day

Year 5 have begun reading Journey to Jo’burg this week and have enjoyed discussing the themes contained in this book during our English lessons. We have also been practising with written methods for multiplication, including the Grid Method. 

We forgot to mention before half term, but Year 5 had an amazing time at our Ancient Greek’s experience day too – check out the images to see some of the things we got up to!

Ancient Greeks next week!

In the last week, we have delved deeper into the characters and settings in Shadow of the Minotaur and have created some excellent descriptive pieces from this stimulus in our English lessons.We enjoyed our Maths Cafe on Monday too, where we all tackled mathematical problems themed around looking after some unusual pets! 

We are looking forwards to our visit from History Off the Page for an Ancient Greek workshop next Wednesday (16th October) and can’t wait to dress up for this – have a look at these websites for costume ideas if you’re stuck!

Making Greek Shields

Year 5 have greatly enjoyed creating their Ancient Greek ‘Hoplite’ shields this week, and are very proud that some of them have now gone on display! They are excited to start learning more about Ancient Greek civilizations and culture in the next few days…They have all worked hard on the latest aspect of the Respect Focus too – with many of them now becoming excellent at holding doors open for others.

Year 5 Odysseus Play

We have been engrossed in writing our play script versions of Odysseus’ encounter with the fearsome Cyclops this week, and greatly enjoyed acting some of these out today! We impressed each other with the ways in which we used stage directions to bring our characters to life and moved about our ‘stage’ too.

In maths lessons, we have continued to work with translation and reflection across coordinate planes. We’re now able to tackle this in all four quadrants!

We have also been getting creative with clay to design and make pottery in the style of Ancient Green amphora vases – now we’re looking forward to painting these as soon as they’re dry…

Year 5 Odysseus Play Script

We have spent a lot of time wrestling with the story of Odysseus’ struggle with the cyclops (from Homer’s ‘The Odyssey’) during our English lessons this week, and have begun creating excellent play scripts inspired by this. We have all had to think really hard about the most important events in the story and have carried out a lot of work in the creation of interesting settings and descriptions – using stage directions to help us.

In maths lessons, we have worked well with negative numbers and can confidently order and solve problems with these. This has enabled us to make a great start of our unit of work around coordinates too; some of us have already begun making use of all four quadrants for translation!

Year 5 Ancient Greeks

We have hit the ground running this week and got stuck into our new learning about the Ancient Greeks! We enjoyed getting outside to create a scaled timeline of history from the present day back to the Hellenic Age on Tuesday, and have since been working with extracts from Homer’s classic text: The Odyssey. Through topic sessions, we have started drawing comparisons between ancient and modern Greece.

Next week we will develop our learning about negative numbers (again, applying this to scales) and will begin creating play scripts to bring Odysseus’ epic journey to life.

Year 5 Eco Houses

We have enjoyed constructing our eco-houses from 3D nets this week, these have allowed us to put our mathematical and artistic skills to the test. We will soon be completing a piece of writing to explain our decisions behind the designs and features that we have chosen. We’re looking forward to displaying all of our hard work in a few weeks’ time…

Danger-Us Club Visit Climbing Wall

Danger-Us club visited Norfolk’s highest climbing wall at the OPEN on Wednesday 13th February. We had the wall to ourselves for an hour and the coaching of an amazing instructor. We can’t wait to go back!