Year 3 computing

This afternoon, Year 3 created their own tree diagrams as part of their computing unit.

They thought about yes/no questions and showed real grit and determination.

Year 3 non-chronological reports

Year 3 are very proud of their amazing non-chronological reports. They were able to share them with year 2 and even take a copy home.

They have worked incredibly hard, showing off all of their amazing Ancient Egyptian knowledge.

Year 3 Egyptian Trip

Year 3 went on a brilliant trip to Norwich Castle this week. They consolidated and deepened their learning on the Ancient Egyptians.

All children represented the school well and were safe, ready and respectful. The Year 3 team were very proud of everyone!

Year 4 Recorders

Year 4 are really enjoying their instrumental lessons as part of their music curriculum. This week they were able to learn the note ‘B’ and even play along to a simple song.

Miss Peek was very proud to pop in and hear Mrs Stevenson’s class progress.

Year 3 Music

Year 3 have been exploring different musical notes and vocabulary this term. They even had a go at writing their own this week.

They now know what a crotchet, minim and quaver is and are working hard on remembering the note values too.

As part of computing, year 3 were able to code and create their own bands on scratch! What a musical week!

Year 3 Computing

Year 3 have been exploring programming as part of their latest computing unit.

Today they were able to explain that programming requires a start point and recognise that a sequence of commands can have an order.

They had great fun using scratch to support!


Year 3 had fun learning about hieroglyphics.

They wrote their own names in cartouches and cannot wait to show them in their assembly tomorrow!

Year 3 Egyptians

Year 3 explored artefacts and asked brilliant questions today!

They are having so much fun learning about Ancient Egypt!

Year 3 Egyptians

Year 3 have started their new topic ‘Ancient Egypt.’

As part of one of our key texts (Marcy and the riddle of the Sphinx), the children decided what they would need to take with them on an expedition. They created a diamond nine with their key items.

Soon we will be exploring hieroglyphics too!

Year 3 Cathedral Trip

Year 3 enjoyed learning all about advent at Norwich Cathedral this week.

They were able to hear the Christmas story as well as complete craft activities!

Thank you for having us!