Art and Design Technology

At Queen’s Hill, we believe that the Art and Design curricular should stimulate creativity and fire children’s imaginations. In our school, we combine theory with practice to provide a rounded approach necessary for children to study Art and Design in depth in the future. We want to encourage our children to express themselves through art and inspire them to pursue creative career paths. Our curriculum is designed to develop children’s cultural capital and allow them to explore a variety of artists, techniques and media. We do this because British Values are very important to us and we aspire to expose children to artists from diverse backgrounds and celebrate their contributions to our cultural heritage.

We aim to provide children with a strong creative foundation in early years. Children are encouraged to be independent with their creations and take ownership for their work. We expose them to a wide range of materials and resources and encourage them to use them without limits. As the children move up to KS1 and KS2, they are given opportunities to work with different materials and techniques such as printmaking and sculpture. By the end of their primary education, we aspire for the children to be equipped with life-long skills and cherished memories of the art pieces and inventions they have created.

Subject in Action


Y5 Outdoor Learning

This week in outdoor learning children went for a walk and found an assortment of treasures: grasses, flowers, leaves, buds, and sticks. They came back together and created faces out of the treasures they found.


Year 4 Iron Men

To finish our ‘Electrify’ topic this half term, we made ‘Iron Men’ with flashing LED lights for eyes. The children used their knowledge about complete circuits to make the eyes. Some even included a home made switch in their circuit so they could make the eyes flash.


Mayan Printing

Year 6 created wonderful Mayan prints this week in Art. Inspired by the geometric shapes and repeating patterns used by the Maya people, children first made cardboard tiles and glued on their designs using string. They then painted the string on the tile and pressed down onto their piece of paper using a variety of … Read more


Nursery – Playdough

This week, we have been exploring playdough inside and outside. We have been inspired by St Valentine’s Day and created hearts and cakes.


Year 2 Art – Printing

Year 2 finished their textiles artwork this week by using their handmade relief blocks to print repeating patterns on to their dip dyed fabric. They used their concentration skills and created some fantastic final pieces.


Year 2 Art – Dip Dye

Year 2 have had a very exciting afternoon dip dyeing their fabric ready for printing on to next week. The children carefully attached pegs to their fabric and then chose three colours to dip into. They showed excellent concentration skills and have created some lovely patterns on their dyed fabric.


Big Garden Bird Watch

Linked to this year’s Big Garden Bird Watch, here are some photos from Year 6’s bird watching activities in Outdoor Learning this morning.  Children enjoyed constructing their own bird hides, watercolour painting and making bird feeders.


Nursery – Colour mixing

This week, Nursery have enjoyed colour mixing in the mud kitchen. “Wow, it’s turning orange”.


Reception – Self Portraits

Each term the children in Reception draw a self portrait and sign it off with their name. We have been so impressed with how much they have improved since the beginning of the year in both their drawing and their writing. We also use this as an opportunity to discuss our similarities and differences. We … Read more