Good Luck Year 6!

Next week our amazing Year 6 pupils take part in their end of Key Stage 2 SATs. We couldn’t be more proud of how hard Year 6 have worked over the last couple of weeks in preparation. Each and every one of them has put a great deal of effort into performing to the absolute best of their ability and the progress they have made, regardless of what happens next week, has been phenomenal. A huge good luck to everyone however, remember this is just one week in your learning journey so far. Have a lovely, restful weekend and we look forward to welcoming our Year 6’s to SATs Breakfast on Tuesday.

We think this poem sums it up!

SATs don’t measure sports,
SATs don’t measure art,
SATs don’t measure music,
Or the kindness of your heart.

SATs don’t see your beauty,
SATs don’t know your worth,
SATs don’t see the reasons,
You were put upon this Earth.

SATs don’t see your magic,
How you make others smile,
SATs don’t time how quickly,
You can run a mile.

SATs don’t hear your laughter,
Or see you’ve come this far,
SATs are just a tiny glimpse,
Of who you really are.

So sitting at your table,
With a pencil and your test,
Remember SATs aren’t who you are,