Marvellous Maths

We have been so pleased with children’s progress using the Marvellous Maths scheme! Don’t forget to ask your child’s teacher if you need any support thinking of maths activities to do with your child at home. The maths team will also be running a drop-in for parents after half-term to support you and your child’s maths home learning. Look out for details in the next newsletter!
We would love to see children carrying out activities such as times table practise, counting out money, helping to weigh out ingredients whilst cooking at home, telling the time or even just counting items. Your child should have a login for Easimaths (KS1 and Year 3) or Manga High (Years 4/5/6) in their school diary- this is a fantastic way for your child to practise their maths at home in an interactive way! Please speak to your child’s teacher if they do not have a login.
Maths sheets to help support your child with their home learning.  Click on your child’s year group for examples.


Over the last two days, children who had achieved Circle Reward in Marvellous Maths got to compete in different maths challenges and puzzles. They had to spell a mathematical word, the word then saw off the spaceship that was over Queen’s Hill School.  

The children had a great time and as you can see from the photos were very engaged in cracking the codes.


Great Marvellous Maths rewards with the Maths Magician at school today. it was great fun and “Maths Rocks.”

The Calculation Meeting was held in the Maths Hub if you require a copy of the policy please click on the link below.

Calculation Policy

If you have any questions please ask a member of the Maths Team or Mrs Thurlow in the Maths Hub.


Examples of applications and websites to support your child’s maths at home:
Times Tables
’10 Minutes a Day Times Tables’  (application)
Hit the Button’ (webpage) 
General Maths Games
KS1 BBC Bitesize
KS2 BBC Bitesize
Before Christmas a group of year 5 and 6 children went to the OVA with Miss Kerrison and Mr King to attend a ‘Christmaths’ activity afternoon. They children had to take part in a variety of problem-solving activities, led by year 8 pupils at the school. Thank you for having us, OVA! 
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Yesterday, both year 3 pupils and parents took part in a maths activity afternoon, led by Mrs Sheppard’s maths group. Each of the year 6 children designed and delivered an activity to lead with the pupils and parents, all of which were focused around using and applying their mathematical knowledge. The most popular activities were the smoothie bar (where children had to apply their knowledge of fractions and measurements) and the ‘make your own lava lamp’ station (which also involved measuring out various liquids). Thank you to the year 6 helpers and all of the volunteers who attended!



Thank you to all the parents and children who attended our Marvellous Maths Drop-In. We hope that you found it informative. Don’t forget to come and ask a member of the Maths Team (Miss Kerrison, Ms Taylor, Mrs Thurlow or Mrs Crabtree) if you have any more questions.
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Stuck for ideas for how to support your child’s maths at home? Have a look at this example of some Marvellous Maths home learning.

Complete 4 maths activities at home each week to earn certificates and prizes!

                                 CIRCLE CERTIFICATE (10 stamps)

                   TRIANGLE CERTIFICATE AND A PRIZE (20 stamps)

                   SQUARE CERTIFICATE AND A PRIZE (30 stamps)

                 PENTAGON CERTIFICATE AND A PRIZE (40 stamps)


Some ideas to get you started!

  • board games
  • cooking
  • puzzles
  • com or


Record your activities in your school diary and start collecting your


We hope that children and adults will all enjoy doing Maths Activities together and collecting the Queen’s Hill Marvellous Maths Stamps.6828433_300x300If you would like support with Maths calculations click on the link below to see short videos on:

Number Bonds, Subtraction, Mental Calculations, Multiplication, Long Division, Bar Model 1 and Bar Model 2.

Fundamental Idea


Dr Yeap talks about one of the fundamental ideas in mathematics: that items can only be counted, added, and subtracted if they have the same nouns. He uses a simple example with concrete objects, chocolates and glue sticks to illustrate the point and then shows how it relates to column addition and the addition of fractions.

Number Bonds


Dr. Yeap explains how young children can use concrete materials and later use pictorial representations as number bonds. Number bonds represent how numbers can be split up into their component parts. Children can explore number bonds using a variety of concrete materials, such as counters with containers and ten frames or with symbols.



Dr. Yeap explains how standard column subtraction can be taught meaningfully by using children’s knowledge of number bonds. Once children can explain how numbers can be split into their component parts, they can adapt their understanding to the conventional column subtraction method.

Mental Calculations


Dr. Yeap discusses how children can develop an ability to calculate the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) in their heads without the use of paper and pencil or calculators.



Dr. Yeap discusses how children can learn their times tables meaningfully by using visualisation and other strategies.

Long Division


Dr Yeap discusses how children can learn to do long division meaningfully by first using concrete apparatus, such as base-10 materials, to perform the operations. They can then explore how this idea is represented in the long division algorithm.

Bar Model 1


Dr. Yeap discusses how diagrams can be used to represent a situation in a problem: such as rectangles representing (unknown) quantities. This method of visualising problems is known as the bar model.

Bar Model 2


Dr. Yeap gives another example of the bar model: how diagrams can be used to represent situations in a problem. 

The Calculation Meeting was held in the Maths Hub if you require a copy of the policy please click on the link below.

Calculation Policy

If you have any questions please ask a member of the Maths Team or Mrs Thurlow in the Maths Hub.