Times Table Songs

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Seven Times Tables Blues

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Seven Times Tables Blues. 

One times seven isn’t hard to do.

Seven is the answer, I’m sure you knew.

I’m learning my tables.

You can do it too.

Two times seven, has there ever been

An easier question, it’s fourteen.

I’m learning my tables.

As you can see.

Three times seven’s quickly done

One more than twenty, it’s twenty one.

I’m learning my tables

Having so much fun.

Four times seven, I can calculate

I’m looking at the answer, it’s twenty eight.

I’m learning my tables

 I can hardly wait

Five times seven, no need to strive

Between thirty and forty it’s thirty five

I’m learning my tables

They’ve come alive.

Six times seven’s not hard to do

I’ve worked out, it’s forty two

I’m learning my tables.

Why don’t you? 

Seven times seven is forty nine.

You can see that I’m, I’m doing fine

I’m learning my tables

On a number line.

Eight times seven, I’m not in a fix.

No need to worry ‘cos it’s fifty six.

I’m learning my tables

I’m coming up tricks.

Nine times seven, easy for me.

The answer’s plain, it’s sixty three.

I’m learning my tables

It’s so easy.

Ten times seven, I can say with glee

I don’t need a pen, it’s seventy.

I’m learning my tables 

As you can see.

Eleven times seven is a simple lesson 

Seventy plus seven is seventy seven

I’m learning my tables 

And I’m in heaven.

Twelve times seven, it’s just a few more.

No need to delve, I know it’s eighty four.

I’m learning my tables 

That’s for sure.

I’m learning my tables, that’s for sure!