Week beginning 13th September – Plants and Rocks

For our second week of term, Year 4 have been investigating the rock cycle and plants. Year 4 have been recapping some of their Year 3 Scientific knowledge about the rock cycle and plants. We used chocolate to represent the rock cycle. We grated the chocolate to represent sedimentary rock, then we applied heat and pressure, then left it to cool to it to turn it into igneous rock. We applied a hotter temperature and more pressure to create metamorphic rock.

We grated the chocolate to create the ‘sediment’

Sedimentary ‘rock’ (chocolate rock)


In order to study plants, we investigated the function of the stem of a plant by leaving celery in water with food colouring overnight. In the morning, we could see that the water had travelled up the stem by the blue dots that were showing. This shows us how water travels up the stem of a plant.


In Writing we began to planning and drafting our persuasive leaflets to encourage people to visit Norfolk. We used a good example from the ‘Great Days Out in Norfolk’ leaflet to help us.


In Maths, we have been working hard and using base ten and bead strings to help us to add and subtract, recapping some of our Year 3 knowledge.