Year 2 Blog

Sketching Plants

This week we have been reading Plant Facts by Izzi Howell in our reading lessons. Today we sketched different images of plants, thinking about all the knowledge we had learned in our reading.

Chocolate cake!

Les Grenouilles class have been reading the poem 'Chocolate Cake' by Michael Rosen. We then followed a recipe to make our own in the cookery room.

Card Game Club!

This week we started our club and we learned to play 'Go Fish'. The children picked the game up so quickly! Looking forward to next week.

Drama in Year 2

Year 2 have been exploring the character of Beegu from the story by Alexis Deacon. The children looked at various pictures from the book and imagined how the character might have been feeling when she encountered unfamiliar things in an unfamiliar world. We discussed the vocabulary and then created freeze frames to bring these feelings to life. The children were able to describe how they were feeling in the scenes they created, explaining why they might have felt like this.

Computing – Making Music

Today, the children learnt how to make music digitally using the Purple Mash program ‘2Sequence’. During the lesson children worked in pairs on ipads whilst exploring, editing and combining sounds using 2Sequence. It was great to listen to what music each pair composed!

Outdoor learning

Year 2 have been enjoying lots of learning outdoors! We had fun outdoors this week searching for signs of spring with Miss Geschke. Each class wrote a collaborative piece of poetry inspired by the nature trails.