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  • Nursery newsletter 16/09/22

  • Nursery News 10/06/22

    Please find below the latest nursery news and some documents to support name writing at home.

  • Nursery: Each peach pear plum

    This week, we have read the story Each Peach Pear Plum. We learned about the queen and about the platinum jubilee. We enjoyed playing in the castle role play area and creating our own castles. We have also been mixing colours.

  • Nursery: The Gingerbread Man

    This week, we have been looking at the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man’. We explored loose parts to create a gingerbread man. We also played some gingerbread man themed maths games and explored magnets and hooks on the cranes/lorries to carry a load.

  • Nursery: Little Red Riding Hood

    Last week, we continued to focus on the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. We discovered paw prints in our classroom and thought they might belong to the big, bad wolf. We created wanted posters to find the wolf and made traps. The children enjoyed sticking their posters up around the classroom for others to see.

  • Nursery Newsletter 9/05/22

    Please find the latest newsletter below.

  • Nursery newsletter 29/4/22

    Please find the latest nursery newsletter below.

  • Nursery: Little Red Riding Hood

    This week, we have enjoyed looking at the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. We made baskets, explored red paint and looked for red objects outside. We have also started our RWI phonics and learnt how to say ‘m’ and ‘s’

  • Nursery: Supertato

    Last week, the children in nursery enjoyed the story ‘Supertato’. We made traps for the evil pea, created our own supertato and explored printing with vegetables.

  • Nursery newsletter 25/4/22

    Please find the latest nursery newsletter below.

  • Summer Half Term!

    Year One have worked so hard this half term… All of the staff are so proud of how amazing they have been settling back into school life and throwing themselves into their learning. We have been extremely lucky to be able to regularly visit the Outdoor Classroom, this has helped to inspire our learning and is something the children have really enjoyed.

    Les Abeilles: Trip to the Outdoor Classroom.
  • This Week in Reception

    We hope you enjoy reading our latest Reception newsletter.

  • Harvest Assembly

    We had an amazing harvest assembly this morning, where the children shared harvest-inspired songs, poems and artworks with the rest of the school. A big thank you to Miss Peek & Mr James for their music skills!

  • Y3 Painting

    Year 3 looked at mixing primary colours to make secondary colours. We then added white to find different shades. We had lots of fun and made lots of mess!

  • Compassion

    Across our afternoons in Year 6 we have been learning about a plethora of things! In RE, we have been learning about ‘non violence’ and what this means in Hinduism; non violence is known as ‘ahimsa’ and refers to the idea that all violence against any living creature is prohibited because all living creatures have souls. Within Hinduism, there is the belief that if one causes suffering, that person will then have suffering in their own life later on.

    “True ahimsa should mean a complete freedom from ill will and anger and hate and an overflowing love for all!” Ghandi.

    Maybe this week you can spend some time thinking about the compassion that you cultivate in your own lives – how do you help those around you feel loved? How do you like to feel loved and appreciated? What can you do as an act of kindness this week for family, friends, a stranger?

  • Y5 RE

    This half term Y5 have been learning about humanists and what they believe. We were able to explore humanist beliefs in the classroom and had open discussion on how these beliefs may differ from our own. We were also lucky to welcome a visitor into school from the ‘Understanding Humanism Society’. Children were able to ask questions of our visitor in order to deepen their understanding of what it means to be a humanist. They were set the task afterwards to design what they believe a Humanist building might look like. Their imaginations went wild and they created some amazing looking buildings that incorporated humanist values.

  • Nursery Newsletter 3/10/22

  • Year 3 Music

    We had fun in music today recapping different musical notes and rhythms. We had time to improvise with instruments from the music trolley and got to perform in front of the class!

  • Open Event

  • This Week in Reception

    Here is the Reception newsletter for this week. We hope you find it helpful.

  • Being Historians in Year 4

    After our successful Roman day, we started our learning about the Romans with a research lesson. The children worked in groups and used books and iPads to research the question ‘Why did Emperor Claudius invade Britain?’.

    Then the children presented their findings to the class.

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