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  • Learning pack week beginning 8.06.20

  • 13 Simple Drawing Ideas

    Watch this tutorial on how to draw a range of animals and characters using just your hand and some colouring pens!

  • Make magic toast for Eid with Miss Wright

  • Caterpillar Counting

    Join Miss Butcher to do a fun and slightly messy maths activity.

    ⭐Create fingerprint caterpillars. You could see how long your caterpillar could be! Challenge: Can you use more than 1 colour to create a repeating pattern?

  • Whitwell (virtual) talent show

    Gather round with your family and enjoy the many treats that our collection of talented individuals have to offer…

  • Hide and seek with Miss Wright and Fred!

  • Folded Caterpillar

    Today Mrs Spicker is going to show you how to make a caterpillar using careful folds.

    ⭐Can you make a stretchy long caterpillar with thin strips of paper? Start with your strips of paper in an ‘L’ shape and fold in each strip one at a time.

  • Miss Hunter Makes Whitwell Hot Chocolate

    Just because we can’t be at Whitwell, it doesn’t mean we can’t have hot chocolate! Watch as Miss Hunter makes “the best hot chocolate ever” and then have a go at making your own Whitwell hot chocolate.

  • 10 Frame Maths

    It’s not Tuesday but that doesn’t mean that we an’t have some 10s frame fun.

    ⭐You’ll need a 10 frame (make or draw one), a pack of playing cards and counters/objects. Lay out your ten frame so that it is full with 10 counters. Choose a playing card and take away that many counters from your 10 frame. How many do you have left? Challenge: Can you write a subtraction sentence? 10-3=7

  • Pets From Around the World

    Miss Spicker is going to show you how to do one of your learning projects:

    ⭐ Arabella Miller has the caterpillar as her pet. Do people in different countries have the same pets? Can you find out what other animals people keep as pets in different places around the world?

  • Home learning pack wc 18.5.20

  • Literacy Activities

    Here are some of the literacy jobs for this week:

    ⭐Do you have a pet? Can you write instructions on how to look after it? If you don’t you could write about a pet that you’d like to have.

    ⭐Can you learn the song of Arabella Miller and perform it to your family?

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