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  • Learning pack week beginning 8.06.20

  • 13 Simple Drawing Ideas

    Watch this tutorial on how to draw a range of animals and characters using just your hand and some colouring pens!

  • Home learning pack Monday 15th June

  • Home Learning Pack Monday 15th June

  • Virtual Athletics Competition!

    Join the latest school sports partnership Quadkids Athletics competition!

  • Nursery home learning pack wb 08.06.20

  • Virtual Cricket Event

    Today would have been the school sports partnership cricket event. Why not join in virtually from home?

  • Learn Latin

    Watch: to learn some basic Latin words and phrases. Choose from a number of games and activities to start building your Latin knowledge!

  • Miss Wright reads our story of the week!

    Hello everybody! I hope you have all enjoyed your half term break 🙂

    Miss Wright has found some mysterious objects in her house. Can you help her figure out who the objects belong to? This week, we are thinking about heroes around us. A hero is somebody who helps other people and makes them feel happy and safe. We have lots of heroes in our community, for example nurses, doctors, social workers and the police (etc).

    In the story, the little girl’s hero is her mum. Can you think of some other heroes?

  • Nursery home learning w/c 01.06.20

  • Molly and Jasper Challenge

    Watch this video with Mrs Sheppard, find out about our latest online challenge, and get your artwork included in our next Youtube video!

    Send in your finished pictures to by Wednesday 3rd June

    Somewhere over the rainbow
    Way up high
    And the dreams that you dream of once in a lullaby...
    The words we’ve sung together,
    Our voices all as one
    Now we need your pictures to accompany our song
    Somewhere over the rainbow
    Bluebirds fly
    And the dreams that you dream of
    Dreams really do come true
    So paint yourself a rainbow
    Make the colours bright and strong
    And at the end of your rainbow
    You know what needs to come
    Draw your pot of treasure
    What you would like to find
    It could be friends or family
    Whatever’s in your mind
    It might be a polished pebble,
    A shell found in the sand
    Or a tiny daisy’s petal
    Or a feather that you’ve found
    It could be love or kindness
    A world that’s full of peace
    A dewdrop in the garden
    Or a sumptuous feast
    There is no right or wrong for this
    Let your imagination go wild
    Let the treasure be your dreams you dream
    And help us all to smile
    Someday, I’ll  wish upon a star
    Wake up where the clouds are far behind me
    Where trouble melts like lemon drops
    High above the chimney tops
    That's where you'll find me
    So paint your rainbow picture
    With treasure of your dreams
    And send it by the 3rd of June
    For all of us to see

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