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Below our Sports Ambassadors will tell you about all of the exciting things we do in our school linked to sports.



Sports ambassadors have many plans for the future. We are thinking about putting on a football  competition make sure you speak to the sports ambassadors if you would like this to go forward. If you are wondering when hockey is going to be on again then come speak to one of us: Callum O, Olivia J or Caitlin B. or if you have any more suggestions for sports activities on ‘football free Friday’ then once again make sure to catch Olivia in the corridors for any great ideas! In PE the whole school have been working on different areas of sport. Such as LKS2 have been working on dancing with Mrs Macarecook , and UKS2 have been working on our football skills with Mr Roughshedge.


Over the past few weeks we have been doing a lot of sports activities during lunch times. We would arrange sports matches such as hockey, football and much more. When we have been doing hockey at the end of all matches we decided to pick a ‘star player’ we have enjoyed picking the child (but it really was hard, as they were all so good.) We are sure that we will make so many more improvements this term, the sports ambassadors are big fans of sport. We also try our hardest to make everyone happy while being active. A big thank you to Jacob and Ethan for suggesting the hockey matches.

By Olivia – Sports Ambassador


As some people already know, some year six pupils went on a sport’s trip to play tag rugby. Leaving in a good sprit, we had grit and determination that we would do our best while playing. We left the school at about 09:30 and we shared a bus with a school called St Augustine’s. Our tournament was in Little Melton. We played against lots of different types of schools around Norfolk . Each school was part of a category – either big schools or small schools (a big school has 120 children or more.)

We had lots of fun playing and although we didn’t win we had a great time doing something we love!

A big well done to: Lexie, Izzy, Amanda, Callum O, Callum B, Toby, Adam, Daniel, Josh, Jake, Loysio, Jack S

By Izzy and Lexie

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Selected KS2 Children were invited to the UEA to try out different types of sports. All the children had an amazing time and showed great sportsmanship. Well done.

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