Maths Mastery

We are still working hard to improve maths teaching and learning. We have now had two years developing maths mastery at our school and in Years 1 and 2 children follow the Maths-No Problem! scheme. On a national level, lots of other schools are introducing maths mastery and Miss Kerrison is working with 8 other local schools to support them to develop this in their schools too.  As part of maths mastery, children work together on the same topic for longer periods of time to practise their skills and think at a deeper, more challenging, level. In order to keep the class working together, we are making sure that there is speedy teacher intervention for children who may have gaps in their understanding or need a bit of extra time to develop their skills. This is a really positive thing and you could continue it at home! Why not ask your child or your child’s teacher about what they are learning in class so that you can do some extra practise at home? For those parents with children in Years 1 and 2 there are some parent Maths-No Problem! videos on the maths page of our website ready to help you.

Queen’s Hill Development Programme

Mrs White and Mrs Howard are our QHDP facilitators. They work with every teacher to improve their practice. It involves them filming the teacher delivering a lesson, which is then watched and discussed by the teacher and the facilitator. From this, they decide what area of Engagement, Feedback or Challenge the teacher needs to research and improve. The film is not shared with anyone else. It’s really important that things like this can continue to help our teachers to be the best they can for your children.


Youth STEMM is a club which we are piloting at Queen’s Hills this half term, its aim being to encourage more young people to pursue an interest and hopefully a career in a STEMM subject: science, technology, engineering, maths, medicine. Different staff and volunteer leaders with expertise in these fields have been brought in to run the sessions with the children in our Wednesday after school sessions. Over 5 weeks, they work towards earning bronze, silver or gold awards by recording evidence in their portfolios whilst learning and engaging with practical activities. It is a great opportunity and we are one of the early adopters of the program which aims to inspire 9-13 year olds across Norfolk.

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