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  • Nursery – Colour mixing

    This week, Nursery have enjoyed colour mixing in the mud kitchen. “Wow, it’s turning orange”.

  • Nursery newsletter 16/09/22

  • Nursery News 10/06/22

    Please find below the latest nursery news and some documents to support name writing at home.

  • Nursery: Each peach pear plum

    This week, we have read the story Each Peach Pear Plum. We learned about the queen and about the platinum jubilee. We enjoyed playing in the castle role play area and creating our own castles. We have also been mixing colours.

  • Nursery: The Gingerbread Man

    This week, we have been looking at the story of ‘The Gingerbread Man’. We explored loose parts to create a gingerbread man. We also played some gingerbread man themed maths games and explored magnets and hooks on the cranes/lorries to carry a load.

  • Nursery: Little Red Riding Hood

    Last week, we continued to focus on the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. We discovered paw prints in our classroom and thought they might belong to the big, bad wolf. We created wanted posters to find the wolf and made traps. The children enjoyed sticking their posters up around the classroom for others to see.

  • Nursery Newsletter 9/05/22

    Please find the latest newsletter below.

  • Nursery newsletter 29/4/22

    Please find the latest nursery newsletter below.

  • Nursery: Little Red Riding Hood

    This week, we have enjoyed looking at the story of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’. We made baskets, explored red paint and looked for red objects outside. We have also started our RWI phonics and learnt how to say ‘m’ and ‘s’

  • Nursery: Supertato

    Last week, the children in nursery enjoyed the story ‘Supertato’. We made traps for the evil pea, created our own supertato and explored printing with vegetables.

  • Nursery newsletter 25/4/22

    Please find the latest nursery newsletter below.

  • Summer Half Term!

    Year One have worked so hard this half term… All of the staff are so proud of how amazing they have been settling back into school life and throwing themselves into their learning. We have been extremely lucky to be able to regularly visit the Outdoor Classroom, this has helped to inspire our learning and is something the children have really enjoyed.

    Les Abeilles: Trip to the Outdoor Classroom.
  • Y3/4 Football at the Nest

    Well done to the Y3/4 children who attended the World Cup themed football event today at the Nest.

  • It’s a Penguin

    It turned out it was a Penguin. It was missing and had got lost at our school so, the year 1 children found out about Penguins. What they are like, their special features and where they live. They created missing posters to help find the Penguin.

  • Who has been in our classroom!

    Year 1 came back from break to find puddles of water in the classroom, muddy footprints and a fish! They we all very surprised. They tried to work out who or what might have been in the classrooms from the clues. Can you work it out?

  • Maths Investigation

    We have completed our first Maths investigation of the year. This time we had to work to find all solutions to The Ladybird Challenge. It is always interesting to see the creativity with which children approach these challenges, as they are very different from arithmetic questions. This is about trial and error and sometimes fumbling your way through and collaborating with each other to find out new ways of thinking and recording.

    The children worked on their problem solving skills and used our school crowns “grit and determination” and “curiosity”. It was lovely to see all of the children engaged and enjoying building on their knowledge and understanding.

  • Year 1 Anti-Bullying Day

    It was Anti-Bullying Day in school. In year 1 we read a story called Mixed by Aree Chung. It inspired us to create our own art around the story. We drew our own cities and used finger paint to create the people. The children loved mixing the paint to create as many different colours as they could for their towns. They then turned these finger prints into people.

    We also had a circle time about what makes a good friend. We shared our own ideas with each other about the things we can do to be a good friend.

  • Y5 – Anti Bullying Curriculum Day

    We had a wonderful day working together in our year group and also meeting up with our Y2 ‘Buddy Classes’. As a year group we looked at what the word ‘bullying’ means and acted through scenarios so that we could better understand how bullying can effect our mental-wellbeing.

    We read the story ‘Emmanuel’s Dream,’ which is a true story about the boy Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah. The children wrote a letter to Emmanuel explaining how he has inspired them and what they will do to make others with physical disabilities feel accepted. 

    In the afternoon, we met up with our buddy classes and made our very own sock puppets. The children were incredibly creative and loved adding on the sequin and glitter details.

  • Y5 – Maths in Space

    We were lucky to attend an event run by Sir Isaac Newton Sixth Form, to show children how fun and exciting maths can be! The children were engaged in the activities on offer: an origami masterclass, alien times table games, maths challenges, life-sized space battleships, and talks on planets, rocketships and astronauts by experts in each field. Children were also gifted a goody bag filled with stationary, bookmarks and additional activity booklets to continue the maths fun at home. 

  • Year 3 English

    We are using Anthony Browne’s Hansel and Gretel in English over the next few weeks. Today we finished reading the story and created text maps to help us recall some of the key parts. We are going to be working on writing our own fairytale based on this story.

  • Year 3 RSE

    We looked at how our bodies change as we get older. We created these top trump cards and compared how different things change.

  • Year 1 Autumn Walk

    We went on our own adventure today. We spotted lots of signs of Autumn on our walk. When we got back to school we talked about where we had gone and what we had seen. We learnt about time conjunctions to help us retell and then write a recount of our walk.

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