Super Science in Early Years

We have really enjoyed our first two ‘super science’ assemblies exploring ways to make ice melt the quickest, and exploring properties of materials and how to make things ‘go’. The children showed real grit and determination to keep trying, even when they weren’t getting the results they wanted!

Exploring ways to melt the ice
Exploring how things ‘go’ making balloon cars
Making ramps of different materials to see which was the best

Reception Remote Learning 04.01

Here is the home learning sheet for the week beginning the 4th of January. We understand that there have been some technical difficulties with Tapestry which is related to the demand on the website, this is not due to your individual account or the school. We apologise for any issues that this may cause. We hope access to this sheet will allow you to continue with any home learning.


RealPE at home

Don’t forget you can still complete lots of PE at home using RealPE. The log in details are below:

Username: EYFS
Password: order4558

Username: KS1
Password: third5345

Username: KS2
Password: moth6176

Colour Hunt Cafe

Welcome to our Early Years Colour Hunt Cafe!
We hope you enjoy listening to the story ‘We’re Going on a Leaf Hunt’ read by Miss Wright. You can then watch some videos for activities that you might like to try this afternoon or over the weekend.
Miss Compton is showing you a colour wheel activity. You will need: access to colourful objects.
Miss Smart is showing you a journey stick activity. You will need: access to the outdoors to find natural materials, a stick and some tape.
Miss Butcher is showing you how to thread leaves to make a leaf crown/belt/necklace. You will need: access to leaves, string and a hole punch or pencil to poke holes in leaves.
Remember to wash your hands after you have been outside and to return the natural objects back to their homes in nature when you are finished with them.
We look forward to seeing photos of your creations!
The Early Years Team 🙂