2016/17 School Ambassadors


I am a school ambassador and there are certain reasons I became an ambassador. I believed that I would be a great role model since I was my class school council and I was a buddy. In my letter it was stated that I must list what my qualities are, here are a few of what I put down: I am helpful , I am kind and caring , I am a good listener and I am a great leader. I love reading and am a hard-worker. I am extremely grateful I was able to get this job.

By Amanda

I am very pleased that Mrs Sheppard picked me to be the school ambassador because it would have been a very hard thing to understand that I wasn’t chosen for the job. It is a big privilege to me and it will be a very big task for me and my fellow people that got chosen as well. Amanda and Nevan are amazing people and they will not let the school down as well as me. My qualities are:

– I am a very good listener,

– I like reading,

– I am very trustful,

– And I really like to help people who are in need.

By Loyiso

My name is Nevan and I am currently in year six. My favourite subject is English but only when we’re writing stories. I am also learning to play the saxophone and I’m progressing well. I am a school ambassador and a school council rep. The reason I wanted to be ambassador was because I can change the school and I love learning about the building site. The reason I wanted to be a school council rep was because this would be my last chance to be one as well as all my ideas that I have formed over the past few weeks. My qualities are: I am a good role model, I am good at listening, I will not get annoyed easily and I am very good at most subjects e.g maths, although I could improve. I am looking forward to see how the year goes by and I hope I will enjoy everything before and after I do my SATS. Thank you for reading this!

Below is a link to a video where the Queen’s Hill Ambassadors talked about the new extension in 2017.

Performing Arts Ambassador


My name is Isabel,  I am Queen’s Hill school’s very own Performing Arts Ambassador. I really like music and dancing. I am really focused on my learning however, I always sing somehow during lessons to help me focus. Everyone gets annoyed when I sing though! I was born in Norwich hospital , 2005 , the 26th October. I was raised in a flat off from the city. I progressed to Little Plumpsted. Then I moved to Queen’s Hill for 7 years. During my time here I have realised that life is not all about studying sometimes you have got to let go and SING! I appreciate my mum doing all she can. I always sing round the house and drive her crazy.

I have always had a passion for music. I play several instruments like: recorder; ukulele; flute; piano and cello. I really think Queens Hill Primary School has made a massive bond with music. I think I can relate.

Thankyou for reading this and I hope you will go away and sing your heart out!

Sports Ambassadors


I love sports and I think that I can make everyone share the same love with me. I think sport is something that you should love. It is a hobby and a really fun thing to do. Not everyone will like sport and I understand that but if you are like me you will try something once and then you cannot stop doing it. In P.E (physical education) lessons, one of my favourite things is that we get to try out so many sports throughout the term. What makes me, me? I think that I am good at sport and I have the biggest passion ever in basketball. Ihave been in the official ‘iceni’ basketball team and the official Norfolk girls basketball team. I love sport and I think that you made the right choice choosing me, Caitlin and Callum to be sports ambassadors. We will make you proud! From Olivia.

Hi I’m Caitlin And I Am One Of The Sports Ambassadors. I am a big lover of football and many other sports, however I have loved football since I was around 7 and I am now 11 and I am proud I have loved football for so long. My other favourite sports are dancing, swimming, running and gymnastics. I also love P.E and other sporty things, I enjoy biking, skating and all sorts of other activities like those mentioned. From Caitlin


 School Librarians


The School Librarians help Mrs Maskell in the Library at lunchtime with reading to the younger children and tidying up the shelves at the end of lunchtime.  They plan different displays for the Library, book of the week and also plan activities for the Chatterbook Club which runs every Monday after school.

Playground Buddies

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School Council 2016/17


 A group of students who are elected by their class to represent the views of all pupils and to improve their school. Each year every class will elect 2 representatives to be members of the school councils.  They meet every Tuesday afternoon in the School Library. The School Council does a number of things which include, making decisions in fundraising ideas, looking at ways of improving the school playground and interviewing candidates for school. Members of the School Council will be responsible for carrying out the ideas that have been agreed.

For more details on the School Council please look at the School Council tab.,



Reading Ambassadors

Every Friday afternoon, Year 6 children get the opportunity to listen to Reception children reading a book and to share a story.